Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Last Song and Bell of the Clock

Hey, long time, long time... Pete here, not Manic that man who never knew when to stop egging stuff up, the man who always played it off as if he had a plan... atleast he used to be. It must be somewhat nearing on a year since the last post went up from, I think, Manic. Is that how little time has passed, huh, that’s a funny thing ask me then where we would be now I probably would have said fine alive, living in safety after Manic’s master plan came to fruition, that’s just how funny life is. If you haven’t guessed yet Manic is dead, saw it myself stabbed in the chest by some no face proxy or other, his body got shredded and burned just to make sure. How I hear you cry the answer seems to be very simple, it seems that Manic’s accelerated healing ability had an unforeseen and very mortal side effect. This side effect being that the cells of Manic’s body multiplied out of control, replacing those that suffered from slightest damage, the smoking didn’t help, he had cancer…. seems one of the few things he couldn’t protect himself was well himself, very cliché and droll, it almost makes it seem like a poorly written tragedy. Sirus was the only one who seemed to know this, he and his brother had been meeting late at night during our stay at Manic’s old home must have been talking about the possibility that Manic would die and leave his family sad and in pieces, well he did it seems he got so bad he couldn’t even heal anymore, his system was so clogged up and damaged that he just laid on the ground and slowly bled to death, the mighty raucous death of a great meddler.

The war he planned also went that way, though the surprise of an alliance of otherwise unassociated less powerful fear servant did shake the plan of the established power. The clash being between those that wished to be free from the Fears’ oppression, or the few drones and such which sought to increase their own position of power in whatever game those monsters play, maybe they just did it for fun, I don’t know. The ‘War’ lasted perhaps 8 months, Manic’s death basically signalled the end, even his sponsor the ticking man helped him in his predicament, nowhere to be seen he just left the one waged his war died, very Fear like attitude, after that the hive minds left only the dying shards trying to spread as best they could before they too grew bored. The last left being Manic’s core group and those who had openly rebelled against their faction and Death was imminent, the last month being a guerrilla tactics attack, with no effect as new recruits were brought to the enemy side. Amongst there were Plague bringers, Slender Proxies, Rake Vessels, and Lamia. We finally retreated for good hiding ourselves in our own bolt holes for what little carnage raged overhead, the independent groups who didn’t wish to give up yet crashed against the Iron walls that stood before them I feel like their screams still echo in the night air as they were stripped for parts, skinned and eaten, probably, alive by all forms of foul abomination.

After Manic died Kat and their son disappeared during one night neither Tom, Aoife, Grey, nor Sirus knew where they had gone all I can hope is that they still survive despite their grief what little time they had as a family seemed to have been precious to all of them. Siren also disappeared probably lost interest after her test subject was pulverised and burned into nothingness, Susan also disappeared, and I never really expected her to stay long regardless in this world I’ve learnt never to try anything to stay the same or to make enough sense to trust. Otherwise the five of us stayed together for a small while Tom, Aoife, and Grey doing more because I guess they felt an obligation to Manic, since he had brought me in to this world and somewhat protected me, Sirus I think did it more out of boredom a lot like his brother would have. However that being said after a few weeks he left aswell, not saying nothing except ‘I’m going this way, see you around’, the others didn’t seem too bothered by it, almost relieved actually, they may have been uncomfortable with the resemblance to Manic. After that our little party ran together for another week until they split aswell after making sure I could do it on my own, they probably didn’t want the runt that Manic dumped on their laps, like his many other strays… though I guess these strays are used to each other. I met the Ticking Man a month ago he offered me a certain deal, it appears that the ticking I heard for Manic was a clockwork heart, oozing with fear power, he offered the power of possibility, I will transcribe as best I can how I remember this conversation went;
Ticking Man: This Deal allows you the possibility to change your fate and escape this accursed world, maybe face the Fears who have control over you, and join me as my right hand in a revolution, a new turning of the cogs.
Pete: I don’t particularly want to barter with a thing that fancies itself a false god or whatever, from what I’ve see from your right hands they’re either crooked or dead, I have no reason to join you I’ll die sooner or later in this world, with you it’d probably be sooner rather than later.
TM: Come now, come now, such pessimism is unbecoming of an upstanding young man such as yourself, do you not atleast wish for a comfortable position in this world that you have rudely been thrust into..
P: By you, you mean?
TM: That is inconsequential, *As he inches forwards and like a snake comes behind my ear and talks his words clicking and rasping almost as a snakes* you may have ended up this way regardless, they were circling before and even more will now due to your association to our dearly departed friend.
P: Again your fault, I again will pass on your offer I like my freedom to atleast having some freedom to how I die.
TM: You may think that, but due to this friend of our transgression the servants will be looking for those close to you, the organisations and entities themselves seemed to have lost balance. And you know what happens when you lose your balance you grab at anything you can, this timed it’s a reason, this time it’s to crush you to restore some balance to show the departed’s protogee subjected to the worst eldritch horrors until his soul and mind are so broken, you can barely be called living and even then they wouldn’t stop and you’d suffer.
*Though I thought it may happen I still felt such existential terror, a terror that reaches my bones my soul, but I tried to put on a brave face*
P: I’m aware my answer is still no, you pile of meccano.
TM: *It snickers in a raspy way* If you say, though even if you have this baseless resolve that’s so weak all can see through it…… will your family feel the same as you that brother, your parents?
P: What?
TM: They will probably take everyone you’ve ever known, every relation, girlfriend, or friend you’ve made, it’s no big task for a Fear, I however can help you if you agree, you can fight with me so they don’t take your loved ones.
P: *I snicker in response* you overestimate my altruism with those in the normal world, I don’t live there and they think I’m dead, I have no place there anyway.
TM: What if I say I can help you can be there again alive and well and you won’t remember anything of hell, what do you think?
P: Lies, firstly, also even…. If I say yes I don’t want to end up like Manic, he didn’t seem too powerful or safe. Though I suppose you won’t leave me alone unless I say yes.
TM: Good, remember to leave hell you must first traverse through it, and death is always a possibility, though with it come the possibility of a free life.
P: How do I know you’re telling the truth?
TM: P E T E M I I C E, my TIMEPIECE would I lie to you.
P: * I turn and smile*, well I know you will, I’ve learnt that death isn’t just a possibility. It’s a certainty.

I Put one of Manic’s cigarettes in my mouth and light it, God they taste awful, atleast it distracts me from the bad taste in my mouth of doing business with this devil, and the feeling in my stomach that I’ve made a very poor choice.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The escape

We have been doing abit of dodging this past month and a bit due to the fact we've got an army on our tail, true we do have Fade's one, though we can't rely on them. Back to the story anyway:

We were walking through white and black warren of tunnels that made up the complex, being careful not to be noticed by the few members of staff left in the place. Manic seemed to be enjoying this little walk, though I was shitting it, I knew that if we were discovered I was probably gonna be the first to be killed, probably by my own incompetence aswell.

M: So which way now, or did you not plan this far ahead Sirus?
S: Well to be honest I had thought you could teleport us out of this place, though no you havr to be closer to the surface where there's less slenderference.
M: Well when you can teleport out of a pocket universe complain at me then, besides it's not like we couldn't take all the people in this place, what do you say Sirus, one last bout?
S: Eoin shut up, you don't want them to get angrier than they already are.
M: Ah yes, 'The War', it's probably been blown way out of proportion.
S: So you don't have any plan for the masses of proxies gathered for a war that will pull in probably hundreds of innocent people?
M: * Manic smiled slyly* I never said that, and I'll promise you there won't be one drop of innocent blood spilt on my account, though there will be blood.

Sirus gave up talking to Manic, obviously resigning himself to wait until Manic had calmed down from this impish character full of energy. We ran down a long corridor that started to get brighter as the dark branches, or roots, spread out as they got further from the sources of despair. Suddenly we emerged into the main entrance hall, there stood Slender Man. I turned to look at Manic only to see even his grin had dropped for a second before regaining composure. I was taken a hold of by the collar, I saw Manic had hold of my jacket and Sirus by the wrist, he looked once more at the creature standing now only a few feet from us, as I was passing out I heard Manic say something ' This was fun, can't wait until I see you at the party, it'll be so interesting', the last thing I remember is a squeezing sensation in my head and then nothing.

Then I dreamed, of the man with the ticking, he was looking at his watch, smiling with his teeth that sort of seemed like cogs you see in a clock, he said 'Almost time, my timepiece says so, tick tick, knock knock' he paused and leaned close to my ear so I could see past his glasses at the gears working inside his head, literal gears, and the porcelain face which I hadn't noticed in other dreams, with the cracks from age, he whispered in my ear 'Who's there?'.

I awoke with a jolt with a jolt smacking my head into the nose of a blonde girl, she stood up, nose gushing, all I noticed was how beautiful her eyes were.

Blonde girl: Tom come here, the little fuckers awake and already broken my nose!
*I heard heavy footsteps coming down a set of stair, in burst a moderate sized man, I assumed he was Tom*
Tom: Let me see, let me see. *He took her hand away gently from her face and looked at her nose* Don't worry it's only bent a little, I can't see a difference actually.
BG: Bastard, *Raising her hands to her face* You think your so funny?
T: Don't worry Aoife, it's fine just got a little nose bleed *He kissed her on the cheek* Hey Pete remember me?
* I thought and remember him from the time the Tom and Grey person came to talk to Fade, and sudden;y remember the face of the girl from the time Fade showed me Manic's family*
P: Wait, why am I here?
T: Manic brought you here probably thought it'd be safe.
P: Where is he?
*Tom pointed at a sofa where I saw Manic, sly grin even a sleep and a black haired kid in his lap, a woman resting on his shoulder*
T: It's a pity.
P: What is?
T: They've finally been brought together at the worst time again, only to be ripped apart, and all for their own safety.

I looked at the 3 people sleeping on that sofa, for a moment I thought that they might be a normal family, the I remembered the Fears, if only stuff like this didn't happen. I fell asleep and had more dreams filled with cogs. doors, and endless oceans, dotted with small islands.

Monday, 6 January 2014

The old faces

Early in the morning the next day the scarred man and I met at the same column ready to free Fade, he told me that the plan involved me going in alone to talk to Fade meaning that at least one of the guards would have to follow me in. After the scarred man said he would take out the people around the surrounding area making our escape easier my job was just to keep the other guard busy and try and convince Fade to come with us.
I walked down the now familiar hallways of the warren to the holding cells, outside were two of the staff in masks, both were large and burly, I couldn’t see the scarred man beating one, let alone the other if he needed to. I went along though as there was no other way that we were going to get Fade out and save Kat. I asked one of the guards if I could go and see Fade one last time before he gets hallowed, they agreed though as the scarred man had said one of them came in with me, trying to stop a breakout probably. This was when I saw Fade with his suit dishevelled, hair flat and just exuding a general sense of decay and filth, I barely recognised him as the man I saw yesterday.
F: Why hello Pete, one last hurrah is it before I become less than a man?
P: You could say that, or to make sure you don’t want to become hallowed or to see if I have a plan to get you out?
F: I know you don’t, so it would be pointless to ask you, even if I did want to escape, which I don’t.
P: Even if when you did you could save someone’s life?
F: You mean Kat, Manic’s family, people I don’t know.
P: So you’re going to let innocent people die, because ‘you don’t know them’?
F: Innocent? Those people are none such, they were only compared to Manic’s blood stained past.
P: Didn’t know you were so selfish, you’re worse than a murderer, you’ve given up even trying to be a good person, I don’t even care anymore, though I’m going to try help them, I don’t even care if you come.
F: Fine
*A voice and sound from behind drew both of our attentions, behind me was the scarred man and the guard slumped on the ground*
SM: Now, now I’m not used to those words coming out of you, are you sure you were ever part of Manic.
F: You, I know who you are.
SM: (He covers the distance between himself and Fade quickly putting a hand over his mouth and putting one on his head) Now we don’t want you to get agitated and cause undue trouble. All I need is for you to be cooperative.
Fade suddenly passed out and lay on the sparse bed, the scarred man then proceeded to take some clothes out of the bag on his back, among them was a black T shirt, a pair of torn jeans, a red and grey hoody and a long coat.
P: Sorry wait, what did you do to him, I thought you were going to save Fade.
SM: I never said I was going to save Fade, he will be of no use in the next act of this play he started, what we need is a warrior, and there’s only one I know of who could help.
P: Then who did you have in mind, have you fucking killed Fade.
SM: No I haven’t, I’ve made him hole again.
P: What does that mean?
*voice from behind*: He means that I’m back, I definitely thought I had succeeded this time, though I guess third times has to be the charm brother.
SM: I guess you’re right Eoin.
P: Sorry I don’t get what’s going on, you’re Fade’s brother?
SM: Oh no, Fade was not my brother, the man who stands behind you is.
Fade *I thought*: That man is Sirus, my older brother died last year or so I thought, especially since I killed him. It’s nice to finally meet you Pete, I’m Manic Muse and I’ll be helping you from now on.
*Pause as I take it in, He looked so different he looked more confident, sure of himself, much more threatening his mocking grin spread across his face. Even his clothes seemed more functional as his suit was discarded on the floor*
Soooooooo Should we be going to save my family or what?

Friday, 3 January 2014

Strange encounters in a cage

 As Fade was taken away and the meeting continued I started to feel a sense of dread and impending doom, I didn’t do anything wrong but the fact that Fade had been taken away, to be honest my get out of jail free card, meaning I was now technically on my own, all alone in the world of the fears with none but Fade’s opponent surrounding me, looking for blood. I wasn’t allowed to see Fade for a few more weeks,notuntil I had proved I knew nothing about Fade's plan, after that, eventually the verdict came down that Fade was to be Hallowed, Cure the problem once and for all. Then something strange happened, I got a message, from Manic’s blog, it was Kat the woman I contacted long ago, it said “Tell Manic we need help.” The next day when I told Fade he seemed indifferent, saying things like ‘I’m not Manic’, ‘They’re not my family’, ‘Why should I’, then the eventual ‘I can’t even if I wanted to. After all that I was getting ready to tell her that Manic was gone for good, and that I was sorry, that I couldn’t help, when a man covered in scars came out from behind one of the black wood columns,
Scarred Man: He’s such a terrible Liar you know, hasn’t ever been able to leave something alone, the war was a nice touch though on his part, though perhaps I should be upset.
P: Sorry who are you?
SM: Just someone who’s known Manic for a long time, well he calls himself Fade now, it was Decay a little while ago, he’s always had a flair for the over dramatic, I guess that part of him never changes, good to know.
P: I’m sorry but unless you have something proper to talk about apart from Fade’s imminent Hallowed procedure then I’ll have to ask you to let me leave, I have something that needs to been done.
*I turn to go and walk away*
SM: Oh yes, telling his wife and child that the man’s mind is about to be completely extracted, and destroyed, because he started a war. What if I told you I could help to avoid a nasty subject?
P: Are you telling me you can help save Fade from this?
SM: I haven’t said anything, I’m saying I can help avoid a very awkward conversation with a man’s wife about his death.
P: Wait, how? This place is essentially a fortress, the only way to escape is through the path and we’d be caught before we got to the end of the hallway.
SM: Lies and untruths, if you don’t believe me, or trust me, tell Kat that there is nothing left of their only hope. Otherwise meet me tomorrow here and we’ll rescue the bastard.

I contemplated what to do for hours at midnight I finally typed into the blank box
“Don’t worry, he’s on the way”

Monday, 30 December 2013

part 3

After a few more weeks of arguing amongst each other, disputing territories and old treaties, many of the people who had started with the meeting had left or dropped out, this left the entire compound with a significantly bigger drop in staff and of course the members of the organisation. This also meant I have to accompany Fade on many more of his self-indulgent drinking binge seeing as the few drinking buddies he had acquired also left for more interesting pastures. Eventually there came a day when the big auditorium that had contained hundreds of proxies beforehand grew smaller as the petty disputes were settled, leaving about 30 proxies of varying standing, all the important representatives stayed and a few curious and moderately important proxies lingered.
The day it was that empty we dispensed of the tradition of wearing our masks seeing the group was now so small we might as well know who we were talking to. This was when the massive surprise came out, do you remember the guy that would have killed Fade if the bastard wasn’t built to last, his female boss was also there, I stood up in outrage asking why they were there and questioning Fade’s calm and even demeanour. It was Tiberius who raised his voice to silence me, with everyone’s eyes on me I only had one choice, and that was sit down shut up and let my outrage simmer until after the meeting was over.
Fortunately enough this meeting, was when things got…. Interesting, by that I mean Fade was locked up and thrown into a cell that to be honest turned out to be just as well furnished as the other rooms just smaller.  Though we’re getting ahead of ourselves, I think first we need to talk about the meeting which led to Fade’s incarceration. It took place about half an hour in to the meeting, they were just talking about boring things, about gruesome battles, and Fade stood up and took out I sign from behind his seat, saying “Na nan a nan a, I started a wa, ar”, this in itself didn’t get that much attention, though when he took out a couple of bangers from his pocket and threw them at the back of everyone’s head. This may have aggravated the situation more than it needed to, so that when everyone turned it was terrifying to see their faces that only showed annoyance begin to turn to loathing and hate, like a lynch mob ready for murder.
Tiberius Face had turned Red like a coal straight from a fire low but still with a burning intention, with what seemed all of his self-control he calmly asked Fade;
T: Is this some kind of joke Muse?
F: Not really I just got tired of all your pointless talking I think Pete was actually starting to die from boredom and consecutive hangovers.
T: Is that a confession?
F: What the sign and bangs weren’t a big enough hint for you Tibs?
T:  If this is true then I’ll have to ask you for the sake of all Proxies of the united kingdom and Ireland, to cease all activities, disband the forces you have amassed in the north, you will then be put under investigation, with a possible chance of death. Do you have any last words before we escort you to your cell?
F: No Tibs, Wisk me away, though I’m surprised you haven’t asked me why, I’m sure everyone in this room still wants to  why? Always an interesting question.
That Guy:  Ohhh, Fade returns the serve.
T: That is enough Night Eyes.
NE: I’m sorry Sir, though to be honest I have a professional curiosity.
F: That you, don’t worry there are no hard feeling, though I’d watch for falling bricks if I was you. Are you aware Tiberius of how it is not to have a purpose, having something to chase and identify with, Manic had a dream to defeat the fears, though I believe that killing a few proxies, upsetting the power balance, destabilising a hierarchy would afford us simple humans such much needed rest.
T: How would starting a war among slender proxies going to upset the balance between the fears, it doesn’t make any sense?
F: IT’s funny you still think that they’re all slender proxies, or even human themselves, who says there aren’t any campers or shards, nests, or nameless. The majority of the proxy population gathered in an invisible war you didn’t even notice.
T: You bastard, how did you get the fears to agree to this?
F: Well they may just find it amusing for them, or sympathise with me, I don’t know though it appears battle lines have already been drawn, you could lock me up, kill me, I don’t think anything could stop the rolling stone now, except a hard crash of two great forces.
*Fade gave a smirk*
T: *Through gritted teeth* Throw him in the nearest cell, and starve him a little, see how he likes that.

And that, ladies and gents is how Fade got incarcerated at a meeting of murderers.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Getting busy around christmas time, the meeting part 2

After Tiberius had opened the meeting he went about introducing the topic of the meeting and a few people of note, Fade was actually in it, though towards the end.

Tiberius: We have gathered in a sacred place to discuss the current stresses appearing in the north, on be half of the Scottish Contingent we have the Two brothers, (I forget their names.... I've been told to call them Dee and Dumb), The Welsh contingent sent y Draig goch (Something along that line), myself for the English contingent, with the Fading Muse filling in for the Irish who are low on numbers, currently. Though the Muse is also believe to have some connection to the northern problem.

*I remember Fade having a little smile behind his mask*

This was followed by a few factions discussing certain territories to see if it was an accident of naive proxy that led to the conflict though this fell short of any explanations. Followed by many other tiny quarrels and quibbles, all the time Fade just sitting impassively taking it all in behind both his masks, the literal and his smirking impish face. After 4 hours the meeting was ended for the day, Fade asked me to meet him in the Bar after getting changed into clean clothes. With that he walked off taking out his packet of cigarettes and putting one to his mouth ignoring the protests of another proxy and lit it.

After asking a member who seemed to be helping at the meeting showed me to my room in the cavern and warrens of the island I asked him to wait to show me the way to the bar when I was ready. I left him in the hallway and as I open the door I noticed the room was actually quite spacious and airy, despite the fact it was underground, it was made of the same marble and black knotted wood of the main entrance, the bed was so spacious you could have probably slept 5 people in it, and my bag was at the foot of the bed with a note, which said quite strangely "Enjoy your stay, :)" with a watermarked operator symbol, I didn't expect that. With that I got washed and changed then got the man to show me to the bar, he was very obliging answering my questions, when I posed them apparently he is one of the people in the organisation that handles the money given to them if needs be and he only helps at the meetings as he doesn't have the stomach for murder.

The Bar was very different, the barman for instance had a mask unlike the others I'd seen on the staff, it covered everything below his eyes though his eyes and hair well visible giving him a look that he was sizing you up all the time. The actual room itself seemed to be made entirely of the black wood I seen throughout place, with only the bar being made of anything else, even that being wood though it seemed much more normal than the other wood. I saw people sat in groups in the dark corners, used to being hidden, never in full view even in their own warrens, Fade was sat at the bar with a couple of glasses in front him one almost empty one full. I went up and tapped Fade on the shoulder he asked me what I wanted and got me a beer starting on his full pint, ordering another one for himself whilst he was at it.

Pete: This place is quite different than the rest if the building?
F: So? Can't they have variation.
P: Well if I've learnt anything from hanging with you for this year is that the reasons are ever that simple.
F: True, this is a part of the path of black leaves you saw the trees in the forest we went through to get here, well it holds this place together, this actually meeting place is actually sort of in between two places. Extra security. Say if they wanted to dig on this island one day well if it was normal they would find it in a day though since they can't get in through the path they could did down to bed rock and find nothing.
P: So why is there so much in this room?
F: It's place people come to drink.
P: What does that mean?
F: What do the Fears inspire and bring out of humans, Terror pain, anguish, sadness. The wood that grows here grows strong from taking the misery eating the soul bit by bit until nothing but an emptiness is left. Some people have vanished into the wood work here taken into the wood giving it even more life.
P: So you wanted to come here?
F: It's a bar.
P: Is everything alright Fade you seem a bit out of sorts?
*He ordered another pint as his started on his next*
F: Who am I Pete?
P: Um Fade?
F: Not what I mean, that's the name I've been given though all the memories I have in my head, all those important moments in my past I can remember though I don't really know what they mean.
P: Are you talking about when you were Manic?
F: Ai, a long long time ago he knew who he was, he was even two people, though I don't know what these memories mean to me I see that woman and I see all that's happened between this body and her though I feel nothing for her, for his friends or for his son.
P: Well you are someone, aren't you, you can think for yourself, make your own decisions, that counts for something right.
F: I'm someone without a past, no history, I have no idea who I am what I want to do, what I need to do, I am a ghost of a ghost of a much better man. He knew who he was and what he was doing, I wish I could
leave all of this to him though I can't he's dead, so it's left for me.
*A chair fell over and I saw a man with a collection of scars across his face leave, Fade didn't even turn around*
What would you do if you were me Pete, no past, no future?
P: I don't know you sort of took my future, though I guess there's some freedom now that I didn't have before, free from living a average life, like every other person my age will become, so I'm just trying to live on I'm gonna make a name for myself I'm become do something about the Fears.
F: Tad Optimistic I think, impossible if you ask me, Manic tried very hard to do that and he failed and ended up giving his life to protect those closest to him.
P: Well I'm going to do it.
F: Many stronger, cleverer people have tried, you know where they are now, six feet under in unmarked graves if in graves at all.

*Fade got off his stool and almost fell over*

P: Whay, think it's time to go bed mate, I'll get one of the porters to do it.
F: No i'll be fine.

He walked off into the tunnels into the monochrome warren, I noticed a note in his place I opened it and read "Everyone fears judgement, some just hide better" There was a symbol a circle with a dot in side of it, it was different from the operator symbol, how was I to know.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Wow It's been two months, it was a long meeting.

You couldn't really tell time in that place, only that it felt like it either went too fast or too slow, though that's over now, not everything that happened there was interesting so I'll try and only put in the interesting parts.

Fade woke me up at 5 O'clock, on the day we were suppose to leave and told Siran to be good and to behave herself, though she only turned and let a little bit of water fall out of her mouth. Taking what little luggage we had we left base camp and popped to a nearby wooded area.

P: Why couldn't we just pop over there like we usually do with this sort of thing, Teleporting isn't very useful if you can't get anywhere with it.
F: When you can displace yourself in existence and pop up in your intended destination then you can complain. However, this place is protected by many things, both natural and.... well you know by now, and as the meeting place of the faceless court it can only be entered by the Path, meaning only strong proxies can get there, this leaves less bickering and casual murders.
P: Then why do we have to do it here I swear I read somewhere you could open it anywhere, you've opened it in the middle of the road once.
F:* Fade looks troubled* I've never done that, I choose here because it's the domain of old faceless, the dark wooded areas, home to stalking nameless things, it's easiest to draw upon his eldritchness and open his path, also it's part of the pomp and ceremony of these things.
P: So...... How do we open it?
F: Well that's easy, *He takes out his knife and flips it in his hand twice* With a flick of my magic wand.
Abra Kadabra.

With that the air around me shook and pulled, as if all of creation was protesting this thing, and as I watched the blade of the knife disappeared, a hole appeared behind it and as Fade pulled the knife to the ground a rip, a scar opened in the remaining space, through it I saw a dead forest, the sky unseen through a thick canopy and the way lit by some bizarre luminescence. There were shadows that danced and prodded at the tear Fade had made.

F: Well better get moving, don't want to be late, don't forget your mask Pete.

With that I put on a plain tube of fabric that took away my features, Fade put on his Muse's mask and checked his hair. Without even stopping he stepped into the void he had created and despite my apprehension I ignored the growing sense of terror, dread and wrongness and followed. Fade and me must have walked for hours surrounded by, not quite darkness, and strange noises until Fade stiffened and chuckled.

F: We're here.
P: And Where is here when it's at home?
F: The Island of Staffa, end of the tourist seasons, still plenty of nice puffins to see though.
P: Staffa?
F: Scotland, one of the islands of the inner hebrides, it's name comes from the old norse for stave, or pillar island as you'll see is fitting very shortly.

Another gash appears, what I see before me is is a dark sky showing an Island unlike any I've seen before, millions of columns seem to burst from the raging surf holding up a great slab of land.

P: W... Who made this?
F: No one did, all natural on the outside, you could say God made it if you were so inclined.
P: Does anyone live here?
F: No one non fear related, the faceless court wouldn't be secure if we had a couple of farmers spying on us all the time. Beside its not even a mile square, all we have to worry about are tourists and they're gone by this time of year, and conditions.
P: Then where do we meet these people, in the cave?
F: No don't be silly.

We appeared on top of the island and Fade pulls up a crude trapdoor, not befitting the occasion, though as we went down a few step we came to a much more grand door, made of marble Fade said, not of the Island's Basalt. He opened it with little effort and even less noise and before me was a massive hall made of White stone and black wood, the wood creeping and filling the spaces between the stone, Hundreds, thousands of Proxies filled the space, most far too laid back to be at such an important occasion. Through this Fade put his hand in between my shoulder blades and led me through to a desk with a woman in a similar mask to mine but a hole through which she could see everything unimpeded.

 F: Fading Muse, head of the London Borough of Barnets Orphanage, head of the Enfield rugby team and avid mischief maker.
Woman at Desk: ... Thank you for that, and him?
F: Pete MI ice, dogs body.
WaD: Thank you, you are in part M room an, Your companions ic, please enjoy the meeting and refrain from murder and harassment, it would not be looked upon kindly.
F: Would it be alright if we got someone to take our bags to our rooms, because as you are aware the meeting is about to start and we don't have time to go down to M part, also I am anticipated.
WaD: Very well, Muse. Door on your right.

We went through the door and found and auditorium filled with masked faces and found a seat in the middle of the stands not too close or too far away. The stragglers came in, hush fell, In the center of the room a man walked in and stood with a microphone and in the voice of Tiberius announced;

T: Let the 102nd meeting of the faceless court take place.