Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 85: Let it shine

Luckily it has been sunny recently in London so it's not to hard to sleep rough, I've just been dossing in parks and sleeping on benches, I usually hide in libraries on cold nights. I assume that Fade is still sat in the room staring at the woman, I just want to be back at the place, if I'm gonna have these nightmares I might as well be comfy.

This one was different, we were in Fade's place, he was sitting by the fire reading a book, but looking over the top at the woman, he has the ticking man beside him, it looks like he's whispering something to Fade, so I moved closer.

TM: The child doesn't know?
F: No he doesn't.
TM: So the true nature of our plan stays in our control, all we have to do is wait for this 'woman' to stabilise?
F: Yes, well need all the help we can get to achieve this.
TM: I knew taking you before the Slender Man killed you would benefit me, are you tired?
F: Yes.
TM: Doesn't that woman seem  warm, why not kiss her see how it feels.
F: No I can't
TM: Why?
F: I'd be turned into one of them then, I thought you needed me?
TM: I do I was just checking something, bring the boy back soon she is almost ready.

A day or two have passed but Fade hasn't come, it was only a dream.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day 81: O... kay then?

Possibly one of the weirdest events today, Fade came back with a woman soaked to the bone and covered in some weird stuff, she also had a really vacant expression on her face. You know what Fade did, he dumped her on the floor I heard a wet thump as she hit so she wasn't too badly hurt especially as she didn't cry out in any pain.

P: Ummm, what's happening?
F: *Wiping his hands on a spare towel hanging around * A fear servant, I'm not sure what to do with her yet, get her out of those clothes, they're filthy, and although she won't get hypo thermia I want her to be dry *HE smiled as he threw his shirt into the Fire* I'll be in the shower if you need me.

So I set out to clean her up and undress her, I got most of the way done, but when I looked for clothes ti put on her I couldn't find any. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised I'm wearing one of Fade's Suits and have been wearing the same one since I started.

P: Fade I can't find any clothes, what should I do?
F: *Poking his head out of the shower* Are all the wet clothes off her?
P: Yes.
F: Really?
P: Well she still has underwear on I guess.
F: Then take it off.
P: But then she'll be naked?
F: Oh for Fuck's sake *Pops his head back in, comes back out with dry suit trousers on* How old are you?

He takes off the underwear takes a towel and dries her, he picks her up around the waist and hauls her over to a room I've been using to sleep in, he sets her down in a corner and leaves telling me to keep an eye on her, whilst he finishes showering.

P: What about the clothes she's still naked
F: *Tosses towel inside the room near her* See she doesn't care now keep an eye on her, oh and  if she starts copying you don't worry it's normal, be worried when she speaks for herself.
P: Wait what?

He leaves, I just sat opposite her she kept looking blankly into the middle distance, she didn't even try to cover herself up. I was uncomfortable with her being naked so I went over and put the towel round her.

P: There we wouldn't want you getting could now would we?
Woman: There we wouldn't want you getting could now would we? *She picks up the towel and put's it round me and looks at me like I'm the one that needs looking after, her expression changes to quizzical, she leans closer in, her face was so close to mine..... I almost*

I feel strong arms around me I feel the heat of an actual human being, twisting me I see the woman going up and looks like she's dragging someone back into her corner. I am thrown out side,

F: I told You to watch her not try to cop off with 'er! *Yeah he drops his h's when he's angry*
P: Hey it wasn't me, she was leaning towards me, I....I....
F: No, She in the Fucking Mimic stage, you was leaning in, if you let 'er kiss yah, you'd be brown bread and I wouldn't be able to 'elp yah. Understood?
P: But.. But...
P: I guess so...

He leaves me sitting there shocked, he sit opposite her talking intermittently, it looked like the most intent staring match I've seen.

P: Don't You want me to get your shirt?
F+W: No
P: Are you sure, it's right in the, and you look...
F: Fuck off, I need to make sure she doesn't pose any risk, when she stops the mimic stage you can interact, so then you can come back, for now leave, I'll find you when I need you.
W: *looks at me* I'll find you when I need you.
F: *Turns from  me* Oi, shut up.
W: Oi, shut up.

I left so I'm on my onesome for now, I still feel odd after that, I did notice she had water coming out of different holes, it was odd, I'm sure Fade's noticed.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 78: I... thought they were gone

The nightmares, but they are different this time, the ticking is louder than ever and there is a laugh that comes with it, a grating..... almost metallic, laugh. I'm back home, in my room, the door is still there but it's opened this time, and there is a face, I can see it now, it has what looks like many tiny sharp teeth, I know it's odd to say but like the kind you'd find on a clock gear. It had the same sparkling eyes, it wore a coat that had moving gear on it, it was always in motion. His head twitched a little and jerked on its neck, but it's smile didn't move that smile, those teeth were disconcerting to say the least. He took a leg and moved it so he was fully in the moonlight, for some reason, I... I couldn't scream just watch as the ticking got louder as he got closer, his manner reminded me of those clowns you see in horror movies, that look of, murderous joy. He came closer with the smile, right to my face, he pulled out a watch from the pocket of his waist coat, and his smile seemed to drop a bit. 'Oh bother your times not up yet, he must still have need for you, don't worry, I'll clean the clock and wipe your slate clean, all you have to do is make a choice, one very simple choice....'

I was woken up by Fade's 'stray' foot, that jolted me awake, I told him about the dream.

P: What does it mean?
F: (He looked slightly agitated  It means that you may have a choice, but whether that choice is truly yours you can't know.
P: Why do you seem afraid?
F: Afraid, pah, I don't feel fear you know that, it just means thing are going well, We will make the world anew and save it.
P: Ok....... Fade?
F: Ja?
P: How do you make the ticking stop.
F: (He smiles and laughs,  that makes me feel uneasy) Well it's very simple you see..... (He turns to look at me) you don't.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Days 63-75: Dreams of genocide

I haven't been posting recently as Fade has been 'training' me hard, but I can hardly call it training it is basically him just beating me up between his 'jobs'. Like a week ago he came back with a bag and just tossed into the fire I was using to keep myself warm, I would have thought he'd trust me more considering he controls my life, he must be concerned because he told me to get a voice recorder, he says that some of the things he's involved in will cause me to lose time, or forget things I've done during the day, he says having the recorder will help me tell if any of this stuff has happened, because if it does..... he may have to kill me. Thing is I don't doubt he will, but maybe it'd be better, die me,  you know, since he will change me make me into him.

Ok might as well start off what this post is meant for,

Fade took me for a little sight seeing tour, took me to Africa I think we appeared in a desert, it was hot and dry, and very painful.

F: What do you see?
P: Sand, alot of sand.
F: Look again.
P: Still sand, is there a point to this I think I preferred cold England.
F: There is a point, this place used to be full of life 10 years ago, but the desert swept in, destroying all but the hardiest forms of life. *Fade picks up an ant that is covered in Silver*
But in it's essence it is death, this sand you see comes from rocks and animals that used to live millenia ago. They are gone now however, but this place used to be full of life at the beginning of our lives, you know what changed that, killed the area.
P: Didn't take you for one of the global warming party.
F: Humans did cause this, they have disrupted the machine, and believe themselves above the consequences that their actions wrought. This is why we do what we do, we kill people because the world cries out in pain and not one of them listens to the true wish of the world. The world for death, the Death of Humanity.
P: Dude, that's crazy, even for you, you're talking about mass genocide, the death of an entire species, what about your family, people you cared about.
F: I have no family and neither do you, if you turned up to your house now as you are they would be scared of you and, possibly, try to kill you. Humans have performed genocide of countless species, for sport, gluttony or just for the 'hell of it'.

*A hum almost a roar came up like from a great distance, the dunes also shifted*

P: What the hell was that.
F: The sands crying out for water, remembering a time when water flowed down there slopes, now only the sand pours like the water hoping it will do some good, you can see the world calls out in pain as it dies.
P: But then you'd have to die, me and you, and everyone, proxy and runner and innocent.
F: There are no innocents, they all choose to live this life, besides I've been dead for a long time now, and you became dead as soon as you came with me. You have no hope of a life outside of this, this is our purpose, we must perform it, to keep the machine ticking over, to maintain balance.
P: But...
F: We better get  moving you'll probably faint if you stay out here any longer.

We appear back in a London full of rain, we find a place that Fade obviously stays at sometimes, I can tell from the knives on the wall, and the blood soaked rags by the fire next to the suits.

F: Okay *He says with a flamboyant twirl and putting the hat he was wearing on a stand* Lets get started.

The room dissolved and I appeared in a road in as a city devoid of life and sound, only Fade stood in front of me, when suddenly he peeled away into a million pieces I was left alone, I heard Fade whisper, "Fight this". I started running trying doors and cars, until I heard the hiss fizz of a lighter behind me, Fade was there with a cigarette hanging limply form his lips as he smiled. "Running won't save you", he said as the cigarette flared and he disappeared into smoke, I closed my eyes trying to tell myself this was just one of his tricks. "Oh now would I resort to such lows", I smelt the smoke as he lent down to my ear, I opened my eyes and he was hanging upside down in mid air, "Boo". I ran again, but when I ran round one corner Fade clothes-lined me, "Oh sorry let me help you  up" he took my hand and threw me 20 feet in the air, all I could think was impossible, then he appeared to float in the air as I rose and rose. When I came back to his level he grabbed me by the throat, his cigarette still lazily flaring between his lips, he squeezed, I went light headed, it all went black, I came to in the room.

P: The fuck was that!?
F: A dream *He said lighting another cigarette*
P: It felt pretty real.
F: That's the point, that is how they get you sometimes, you need to know how to fight in a dream, because they will,  I could have kept you there forever, and tortured in ways so unimaginable my mind tries to forget them. You need to learn how to change the physics to suit your needs, so that you can win, he said holding what seemed like a flame in his head.
P: Can't you just do something normal for once.

He smiles with the cigarette in his teeth,

F: Now what fun would that be.