Friday, 28 December 2012

Day 35: Left out in the cold

Steve, he...... disappeared umm the day after I posted, somehow he got out of the room he was being kept in, apparently he had been drawing rectangles on the wall so they put him into his room. The say he cried for help as if he had seen something terrible, but the didn't see anything on the camera they had put in for observational purposes. He walked out of the sight of the camera, the orderlies outside the room swear they heard knocking on a wooden door, odd, considering their doors are made of steel, the knocking matched the ticking of the clock on the wall. Then it stopped...... they went to the hatch to check on him to make certain he was alright, they couldn't see him, they opened the door and still couldn't see him, checked under the. The first orderly to  enter swears he saw movement in the corner of his eye, but he only confided this in me, seemingly thinking I knew more than him, I just acknowledged him and left quickly.

I've also had a reply from that Kat person, the woman Manic knew,

26/12/12  Kat-Pete M.I. Ice

I am sorry, but I can't help you, I can't risk Eoin's safety..... I am sorry.

26/12/12  Pete-Kat

What? Please, I have no where else to go to, at least send me any information about these 'things', at least help me understand, the Manic guy wouldn't let a person die, I read about him, he was always ready to sacrifice to help others.

26/12/12 Kat-Pete

You didn't know him! What right do you have to tell me what he would have done, I am not risking the safety of my family for you, I have finally got my family safely settled into normal life. Besides you won't survive anyway, Manic was smarter, stronger.. better than any man I knew, and he died because of that monster, you want my help, it'd be worthless to you anyway.

27/12/12 Pete-Kat

So you're going to leave me to die with no help, but... but you've survived that Slender Man(?) thing how can you let someone else die, you self woman, how can you be like Manic when you are doing this. Please help me, please, atleast tell me how you survived.

28/12/12 Kat- Pete

He died.

I tried another e-mail but got no reply...... I don't think she's going to help me.... I am alone...... wait there's an e-mail.

28/12/12 Kat-Pete 15:52

You want to protect your family....... run..... that's how you keep them safe... run, and keep running until they think you're dead, then you can die.


Monday, 24 December 2012

Day 31: A Cry for Help

I sent an Email to that Manic guy the other day to appeal for help, well not him exactly but his family, they must have information about this thing, maybe Manic left something to help others, at least that's what I hope. The thing is I need his help especially now, it's Steve, he's been institutionalized his flatmate finally had enough of his drawing and babbling, the psych condemned him, put him in a cell large enough for him to pace in, he isn't going to be able to hurt anyone, all he can do is yell. They are going to start him on a course of meds as well, say it will calm him down help him become a functioning member of society. I knew it was lies, if this thing wanted him there it means he wont be getting out... alive at least, I could the lie in the doctors eyes as he told me, I felt his sorrow in the arm squeeze they do when they know something is a lost cause. It's my fault, he was my friend, if it wasn't for me then he would still be sane, still be Steve.

My final piece of news but the most important in my eyes. Sarah got attacked by that maniac, he gave her a gash along her arm luckily it was on the upper part so it wasn't lethal  it was also lucky a rugby team was drinking in a pub and heard her scream, I thanked them by buying them a round,  (I was coming down to meet her after seeing Steve, again my fault she was alone and is in trouble) they seemed to take this as adequate payment . They described him as the guy, I really can't leave her alone, sorry it's just been really stressful lately, I need to stop this here.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Day 29: Impossible possibilities

I have taken a few days to think about all that's happened, all the weird stuff, that thing that's been stalking me at night, the man that is after Sarah. After the meeting with that..... person, I thought I recognised the guy, like I knew who he was already, I remembered the blogs I read, about those creatures called fears, I was reading the Manic guy's blog. I saw his posts containing the thing Mr Tick, I recognised the description of the 'thing', they're real, all real, the creatures, these Fears. Why are they after me, what have I done to anyone that means I deserve this, I've done nothing, nothing to the man that's following us, nothing. Steve has done nothing yet this 'thing' is stalking him, he's gone round the fucking bend, he's started drawing rectangles everywhere, I have to make sure all the sharpies in my house are hidden before he comes round so he doesn't draw on the walls.

I just have one question...

Why Me?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Day 25: Ghosts and Monsters

It seems Steve had another dream last night, this time he said he saw a door in his room that shouldn't be there, he said it looked like the one that was always locked in my room. He said it made him feel really nervous, like if he went through he wouldn't come back, that he'd be lost forever, he was dragged towards it regardless. The only reason he didn't go through was because he heard the ticking in this dream as well, it snapped him out of it he went to his bathroom and locked himself inside. The funny thing is he said it was a dream but his flatmate actually found him in the bathroom curled up inside the bath. It must have been a dream however, how can a door just randomly appear out of nowhere.

I've also gone to see if Sarah has had anymore weird dreams, she just said that it was the same as last time a man sitting in her computer chair, one that looked like he was a zombie basically, the smell of rotting leaves and the forest hanging in the air, that ticking that seemed to be coming from him. She feels afraid to go to sleep these days, afraid the man's real and one day he'll do more than just watch, one day he may do something much worse. There was also proof apparently, there was a note surrounded by a few leaves that read "he sees you when you're sleeping, even if you don't see him", she's put this down to one of her family, who she still refuses to let me see, she apparently told one of her cousins so they may have pulled the prank.

However as she said this she froze and looked behind me, I turned and saw a man that matched the description Sarah had given. I ran to him, he was looking at us, the bastard was real and he was a threat to Sarah, I ran I always kept him in sight, but I turned one corner just after him he was gone. I ran down the end thinking he must have turned off a side road or something before I got there, I got to the end of the road though, he wasn't anywhere, no side roads, just terrace houses either side. I turned back confused, how could I have lost him, well I didn't lose him long he was right in front of me when I turned around. I smelt the forest on him, and I swear I could hear a faint ticking from him. He didn't move, talk just looked at me, I was about to peg it back to safety, he wouldn't do anything in public, would he. He said something, 'she looks like her, that one, of course, it was always going to be this way', I was shit scared but I wasn't going to annoy the guy with a knife, ' who?', he looked at me like he just remembered I was there 'my wife.... I had a wife.... I think'. I took strength in this, ' hmmm, why do you want Sarah', he got more confused here 'Her name isn't Sarah, no it can't be, it was kitty, or caterina....... I think'. I thought he was a random mental person if I could get him to a nut house we'd be safe, 'look mate, I think I can get you to a hospital if you've lost your memory, they're probably looking for wondering where you've got to'. He laughed at me, very disconcerting, ' I am no more mad than you..... well that might be a lie, but I know this is real, I know that the conductor is after you, I know *He pulls out a pocket watch form his coat pocket* yes he's coming for you, and you can't stop him, but my time here is done, so many things so little time, tick tick tick'. That last part unnerved me the most, the tick was in time with that I was hearing. I blinked he was gone I haven't told Sarah yet, when she reads this she'll know.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day 21: The strangest things come in threes

I had another nightmare after seeing Steve, the thing is, it was different to the others because.... it felt like I was awake. It felt like I was actually witnessing what was happening, but I wasn't.... it was also different in another sense.

I was sleeping and I heard ticking again coming from behind the door, I thought to myself this is a dream, there is no ticking, then it moved and divided, again, and again, until my room was filled with a din of simultaneous ticking loud enough I was sure to wake everyone in the house. No one came, I laid in the bed, I waited and waited, then there was silence, I opened my eyes and there was some.... 'Thing' sitting on my chest looking at me like something strange. I screamed and it scuttled back to the floor where I saw more of them, there were cozens of them searching through my drawers, my books, until they all noticed me looking, the ticking became slow and steady. Their eyes.... they were so strange, like sparkling sockets, it was like there were things moving in them. Then in an instant they were gone, they had all scarpered through the crack in the door, then it slammed. To be replaced with the steady ticking, this is when I woke up, my room was in the same order, and the masking tape I had put across the door to see if it actually opened at night was intact.

I saw Steve again after that wanting to discuss this without sounding crazy, it turned out he had a nightmare where he heard Terry's voice and he saw his 'ghost' moving around by his bed, telling him of how he was 'murdered', he also said he heard a faint tick from somewhere. To be honest I just put it down to his over active imagination and our conversation. But I felt that it was strange with both had strange nightmares, both with ticking, things are getting too strange I may have to find out what's happening, am I going mad like terry? Or is there something more sinister lurking in the dark.

I also, reluctantly, told Sarah about this, she listened and told me she had a nightmare as well, the same ticking. The thing is she didn't see little creatures with sparkling eyes, or dead people. She saw a man, about our age, maybe older sitting in her chair with a knife in his hand, he looked dead in his eyes, and she smelt the forest, and heard the ticking.

It must have been connected how could we all have had nightmares, all of had dreams with ticking, teh same bloody ticking which is in my head now.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day 20: Two great minds meet

So remember I said I was going to see my friend the other day, well instead of going alone, I took Sarah with me to meet my friend. We met in the town center closest to us, and things got a bit.... tense, telling you would be easier you're gunna learn a few things about me.

Steve: Hey Pete, how's things going with you?
P: Good, this is the Sarah I've been telling you about.
ST: Nice to meet you at last, I've a great many things about you.
S: Nothing good I hope.
ST: Only the worst.
He winks at her and they share a laugh.
ST: So what do you lot wanna do, we've got a few hours to kill before Pete needs to get home to mummy.
P: Well you know she gets dreadfully worried if her little boy isn't back by 9, thinks I'll be lead a stray by strange women.
S: Ohhhh, you're so funny.
 I stuck my tongue out at her, and she mimicked until Steve chose to do one of his famous burps, signalling the end of our touching moment.
P: Come on we better get him to a pub before he starts his rendition of jingle bells in Chicken korma.

We went to the moon under the water, cheap beer for cheap people, after a while Steve takes the piss out of how I was dressed.
ST: So has your mammy started to pick your clothes out for you these day Pete?
P: Funny you should say that, because your mum bought them for me after my work last night.
ST: Oh really? Does Sarah know about this.
S: I was the one that supplied the ropes.
ST: I like her, she sort of remind me of Terry.
P: Nah Terry was much more.... civil when it came to banter, you know he sued to call me a invalid because I nicked his shoe once during PE.
ST: Yeah.... Terry was great.
S: I'm sorry but, who's Terry?
P: He was one of our mates from secondary school.
S: Why, isn't he your friend anymore.
P: Well, that's the thing Terry sort of......
ST: Died, he died Pete, it was years ago, we can't change it so we have to accept it.
P: Yeah he's dead.
S: What?! How did he die?
P: He.... killed himself.
ST: What are you talking about, he was murdered, you know that Terry wasn't someone to top himself.
P: Don't you remember how he was before it happened, he wasn't in the best shape, I still don't know
what set him off.
ST: Nothing set him off he was murdered.
S: What how do you know that, did the police say so.
P: No they take my line, but the right Honorable representative from denial seems to think it was suspect, apparently because he had scratched his ears out, stuffed cotton wool in them. Then he... was found laying in his bath with a bag over his head under the water.
S: That does sound sever, why would anyone do that to themselves.
ST: Exactly, exactly, the police know who did it, it was probably one of the spies the governments protecting.
P: NO Terry was loopy, had a nut loose, he killed himself, Just leave it at That!

The conversation got a bit dire after that, Steve kept making little remarks about it, and I was trying to keep the ticking in my head from giving me a migraine.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 17: Bloody nightmares

God, I can't take it, the nightmares the ticking, always that ticking with them, I guess since they've become such a big problem for me lately I should discuss them, at least in part.

It always starts the same, like most nightmares do, I 'become aware' in my room, it looks exactly like my room except at night. Well, it may look like it, but.... it definitely doesn't feel like it. I get up and walk to the window, I don't know why, I'm just, drawn there, like I need to see something outside. But always before I get to the window an look out I hear that ticking noise, but.... louder? This is the point I feel dread and fear, I feel like I should run as fast as I can and never look back, just keep running. But my feet drag me on wards, slowly towards the door, and the ticking get louder still. I start putting my hands over my ears to shut it out, hum loudly. I open the door, now the ticking is at it's loudest then an arm comes out, it sort of twitches occasionally, I reach for the hand and I hear the ticking come from him. That's when I wake up.

It's a weird dream, I don't know what this thing is, I guess it's not inherently scary but I can't help but wake up terrified. I woken up and I had wet my bed, I put them in the washing machine, then got some new ones, I still thought I heard the ticking noise coming from the door, I told myself it was nothing, just... my imagination. It must have been as well, since I tried the door this morning, it was locked, like it'd always been locked, but the ticking still hasn't gone away, I may tell Sarah about this she may have something to help me. Maybe I need to hang out with my mate, clear my head, get away from all of this. I'm probably just exhausted from lack of sleep and the noise in my ear, I'll probably be fine after that, yeah of course.


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day 14: Whoa Calm down

Some of you seem to take this thing a bit too sriously, that Manic guy basically named me in his post and said he's coming to get me. I mean, dude it's a game, a game I'm not even part of, you need to get a life mate if you are getting into this thing so much, seriously mate.

On other lighter news, I did go and see my GP this morning, I asked him why I keep hearing this ticking in my ear, he said it was probably just tinnitus, and that avoiding loud noises and cleaning out my ears may help this. Well I cleaned out my ears but the ticking is still there, maybe it will go away if I just leave it a few days.

Also, Sarah came to my house the other day, she came to, I quote, 'Hang out' it turned out she came to take the piss out of me for last week. I really do like hanging out with her, she is a great laugh, the only odd thing is the ticking seems to get more persistent when she's around, surely taking my mind off it by hanging with her would make me forget it. We, almost had another moment whilst we were on my sofa watching a horror  film, but yet again I chickened out, The worst guy in history standing right here, I can't waste my life like this.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 7: Recap

Well, the date went better than I thought, she was as fun as I remember from last time, and as stunning, luckily I was able to get a loan from my parents to pay for the date. But I kept hearing a ticking whenever I was around her, it was weird and slightly annoying, to say the least when it sounds like you've got a watch in your ear. But I guess that's just due to the lack of sleep I've been getting this week, if it doesn't clear up by next week I'll get my GP to check it.
But yeah the date;

Sarah: Oh, don't you look dapper.
Pete: Yeah, borrowed it off my dad, don't really have a great deal of money to splash out on clothes.
Sarah: Well I think you look very nice (She says fixing my tie)
Pete: Yeah, well I feel like I should be in a zoo, waddling along, cause that's about as much as I can do.(She laughs at this)

We have dinner and leave, I ignore the ticking all through the meal, and we crack jokes and it was great, I've forgotten how much fun it was to have someone to hang out with.

Sarah: So Pete what is your family like?
Pete: Oh, they're great, always pushing me, they're just great. What about yours Sarah?
Sarah: Well, when I was younger they weren't around a lot, then my dad died  my mum withdrew into herself, so I guess I don't really have a proper family.
Pete: I'm sorry for that, it must have been hard for you.
Sarah: (Giving me a little smile) It was, but don't be it's so long ago I've come to deal with it.
Pete: Well at least they didn't give you two stupid middle names.
Sarah: They can't be that stupid.
Pete: Peter Michael Ignatius Ice.
Sarah: It's not that bad, I've heard worst.
Pete: Really?
Sarah: It makes you sound distinguished.
Pete: You're too kind.
Sarah: You know if you take take your name Pete M.I, Ice it spells something?
Pete: What?
Sarah: It spells..... This is me, I better get going my Mum will probably need help with something.
Pete: Well Goodbye then my fair lady.

(I turn to walk away, but she grabs my hand and pulls me back)

Sarah: You think I'll let you off that easily.

She comes close to me, and goes on her toes I bend down ready to kiss her, but I hold bakc and kiss her on the cheek.

Pete: I'll see you later.
Sarah: You Pussy.
Pete: I know!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Day 5

all those films didn't help I still had the nightmare last night, I was running from something, running, but it felt like I wasn't running. I never saw what was chasing me all I heard was a steady, Tick, Tick, Tick. And a song that sounded like it was sung by a man, Tick Tock goes the clock, slowly comes my master. Three, Four, lock your door, he won't stop now. 5,6, grab a stick, he won't slow down. Seven, eight, run a way, he'll get you soon.

I told my mum about this, she said it was probably all the horror movies I watch, says they're messing with my head, and my imagination is running away with me. I want to believe her, but I find it hard, the dream was very unsettling, and the girl jumped me yesterday, I went to the store where she works absent mindedly, and she got me, we're going out in a couple of days, it's probably what I need to get that damn dream out of my head. I can forget about the ticking.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 3

It's weird, I swear I saw that girl again today, but when I looked back round to check, she was gone, I can't explain it, and I don't expect you to believe me. It's just so out of the ordinary, it could just be my sub conscious telling me something, she probably wasn't there really. That would just be silly, she couldn't have just disappeared from sight that easily.

I haven't really been out in the past two days, haven't really been getting out that much sleep, I may just nick a few of my mum's sleeping pills, hopefully that will help me catch some kip. Hopefully without the dreams, I swear the stories I've been reading, they're playing with my head, a good nights rest and a shit ton of comedies films tomorrow should clear my head. Comedy and video games, yes, yo ho yo ho, the dossers life for me.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 1

Well, I should probably tell you about my day, if I don't do this they'll probably stop subbing me for my general activities.

Well I completed Halo 4 for probably the 5th time, and watched rocky horror, so yeah didn't do much, these activities probably don't get you that interested. But I did have have some lady interest directed in my way, I met a bird out last week and she called me today, but I didn't really feel like getting into a relationship, it's a pity as well, I really liked her.

So yeah that's all for today, see yah later, maybe

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Can't believe I have to do this, I could still be in bed, but my family thinks it would be good to give me motivation. But to be honest I am probably gonna be off this intervention in about two months. But I might as well look around this dump, see if I can find any horror blogs, I love horror Nightmare, Friday, Halloween, House of Wax, The convent, Exorcist, Omen, Silent hill, Dead silence. Loads of them, I'd survive a zombie apocalypse, horror movie or whatever, existential horror you can throw at me.

But yeah, I guess that is all I have to say now, I shall see you lot around, Don't turn around and beware men in gas masks.