Thursday, 27 February 2014

The escape

We have been doing abit of dodging this past month and a bit due to the fact we've got an army on our tail, true we do have Fade's one, though we can't rely on them. Back to the story anyway:

We were walking through white and black warren of tunnels that made up the complex, being careful not to be noticed by the few members of staff left in the place. Manic seemed to be enjoying this little walk, though I was shitting it, I knew that if we were discovered I was probably gonna be the first to be killed, probably by my own incompetence aswell.

M: So which way now, or did you not plan this far ahead Sirus?
S: Well to be honest I had thought you could teleport us out of this place, though no you havr to be closer to the surface where there's less slenderference.
M: Well when you can teleport out of a pocket universe complain at me then, besides it's not like we couldn't take all the people in this place, what do you say Sirus, one last bout?
S: Eoin shut up, you don't want them to get angrier than they already are.
M: Ah yes, 'The War', it's probably been blown way out of proportion.
S: So you don't have any plan for the masses of proxies gathered for a war that will pull in probably hundreds of innocent people?
M: * Manic smiled slyly* I never said that, and I'll promise you there won't be one drop of innocent blood spilt on my account, though there will be blood.

Sirus gave up talking to Manic, obviously resigning himself to wait until Manic had calmed down from this impish character full of energy. We ran down a long corridor that started to get brighter as the dark branches, or roots, spread out as they got further from the sources of despair. Suddenly we emerged into the main entrance hall, there stood Slender Man. I turned to look at Manic only to see even his grin had dropped for a second before regaining composure. I was taken a hold of by the collar, I saw Manic had hold of my jacket and Sirus by the wrist, he looked once more at the creature standing now only a few feet from us, as I was passing out I heard Manic say something ' This was fun, can't wait until I see you at the party, it'll be so interesting', the last thing I remember is a squeezing sensation in my head and then nothing.

Then I dreamed, of the man with the ticking, he was looking at his watch, smiling with his teeth that sort of seemed like cogs you see in a clock, he said 'Almost time, my timepiece says so, tick tick, knock knock' he paused and leaned close to my ear so I could see past his glasses at the gears working inside his head, literal gears, and the porcelain face which I hadn't noticed in other dreams, with the cracks from age, he whispered in my ear 'Who's there?'.

I awoke with a jolt with a jolt smacking my head into the nose of a blonde girl, she stood up, nose gushing, all I noticed was how beautiful her eyes were.

Blonde girl: Tom come here, the little fuckers awake and already broken my nose!
*I heard heavy footsteps coming down a set of stair, in burst a moderate sized man, I assumed he was Tom*
Tom: Let me see, let me see. *He took her hand away gently from her face and looked at her nose* Don't worry it's only bent a little, I can't see a difference actually.
BG: Bastard, *Raising her hands to her face* You think your so funny?
T: Don't worry Aoife, it's fine just got a little nose bleed *He kissed her on the cheek* Hey Pete remember me?
* I thought and remember him from the time the Tom and Grey person came to talk to Fade, and sudden;y remember the face of the girl from the time Fade showed me Manic's family*
P: Wait, why am I here?
T: Manic brought you here probably thought it'd be safe.
P: Where is he?
*Tom pointed at a sofa where I saw Manic, sly grin even a sleep and a black haired kid in his lap, a woman resting on his shoulder*
T: It's a pity.
P: What is?
T: They've finally been brought together at the worst time again, only to be ripped apart, and all for their own safety.

I looked at the 3 people sleeping on that sofa, for a moment I thought that they might be a normal family, the I remembered the Fears, if only stuff like this didn't happen. I fell asleep and had more dreams filled with cogs. doors, and endless oceans, dotted with small islands.