Friday, 24 May 2013

Curiouser and curiouser

Curious, as in Fade returning quite non chalently in the middle of the night, kicked me out of his bed and slipped in. I woke up the nest morning to find him in a clean suit, shaved and with his mask on, he didn't say anything to me, just sort of stared off into the middle distance and when Malice came in, as non chalently as Fade did last night, giving him a simple, what's up, and nothing more. Fade stayed silent until he left again, which led me to question Malice.

P: Malice?
M: What is it now Pete?
P: What's wrong with Fade?
M: *Gives a shrug* I don't know, he has been gone for a decent amount of time, maybe something happened to teh kid, maybe he's been replaced by a robot.
P: Can they do that? * I asked jokingly*
*Malice just raised his eyebrows, not saying no*
P: Though seriously you treated it as if nothing has happened, why didn't you even ask him how he was?
M: I did, I asked him What's up.
P: That's not what I mean, aren't you curious to know what happened, what he's thinking, how he feels about this?
M: I thought I told you this already, though it seems I need to make it even more clear. Fade hs gone through alot, he's died quite a few times, injured quite severly, been ripped from his family, Twice. The man you saw go out hat door, may not be the Same Fade, he may not even call himself Fade anymore. That man knows things about the Fears we don't need to, or want to. You see Pete, the reason I don't ask him how he's doing, or what's wrong, is because I don't want to know, because I um unlikely to understand what he's feeling, he has a unique and sometimes confounding moral philosophy, he scares and intrigues me all at the same time.
P: Well, you still should have asked.
M: Did you?
P:..... No
M: Then shutup you idiot, or maybe Siran will tell on you.

yes Curious.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Your nightmares never leave you

They're back, stranger and more vivid than I remember, but I wasn't in my room at my normal house, I was at Fade's, I heard the Tick, the ticking that was always there, though as it grew louder I realized it wasn't ticking but knocking. I looked around my spartan room and saw a door that shouldn't be there, in the wall by the window, I heard the knocking and heard the voices the voices of the dead coming to whisper in my ear, taunting me, that a psychopath is more moral than me, that I should just follow them, follow them to freedom. I plug my ears and the voices stop, but the knocking continues, even getting louder, that was when the little mechanical men poured out the door, small as ever, poking around my room, prodding around me, like I was something dead they could have fun with. They then stopped however, and I felt dread gut wrenching dread, I realized that the knocking had stopped, I felt an immeasurable amount of fear, the silence meant that the thing that was taunting me was done playing, that whatever was coming for me would stop hiding behind the doors and noises.

I stayed waiting for half an hour, listening to the creaks of the place, until I heard a whistling, upbeat whistling, though through my time with Fade I've learnt that sometimes that's the one you need to be most wary of. It means it's strong enough to let you know it's near. Then he appeared at the foot of my bed, the man of clockwork, the conductor.

P: Why did you scare me like that?!
TC: That*He says looking at the door*..... that isn't me, *showing me a mouth full of bronze teeth* though I could easily let it in, do you want me to?
*He makes his way to the door*
P: No!!!
TC: Thought so.
P: But why are you here, I haven't made my choice, I don't even know me options.
TC: 'Me options' ? You really are beginning to sound like the Muse. You do need to be careful however he will sacrifice you to achieve his own ends without a seconds hesitation.
P: And you won't?
TC: Well.... atleast I'll be honest about it.
P: Wait. Why are you telling me this? Fade's suppose to be one of your favorite servants.
TC: That's why, that's why I want his little plan to fail, because we do need you but for separate reasons, I just like causing trouble amongst the older fears, and plaguie is pretty annoyed he can't get to you. It's just a great deal of fun for me, the Muse however well.... he has own motives.
P: Ok, but what should I do instead?
TC: Use your imagination, I'm sure some of the Muse's rubbed off on you.

HE said this as he faded away tapping me on the forehead, leaving only a smile as I fell back on my bed. I woke up to find it light out, 'Thank god it was a dream.' I said to myself only to find a note on my table, 'You sure about that'