Monday, 25 March 2013

More Errands from Fade

Let see, there have been plenty but I think the most interesting was 'seeing a man about a dog' Fade has some twisted sense of humor however he said I shouldn't let my guard down, I asked why he just said Secrets hurt the holder the most a lot of the time, whatever the fuck that means.

I went to the place Fade told me to go to I had to wait hours before anything to happen, you know what did finally happen a small black puppy came out and snuggled up to my leg, I said jokingly, here's the dog where is the man..... I heard a voice from behind me

Voice: Obviously you never met a lych

I looked around but no one was there, I looked back the cute dog had changed into this huge, I think wolf is a better term than dog for this thing. It must have been 5 feet high and the teeth looked more than a little menacing.
P: *Gulp* Good Dogie *Nervous chuckle*
Dog (I guess): I see you have gained the Muse's type of jokes.
P: Um...... Can you come with.
D: The Muse should come and see me himself.
P: H... he said he will talk to you if you came with me.

(It jumped me and bit down on my arm, I felt the muscles strain the tendons near tearing as the pain shot up to my brain)
D: *It releases* What does he mean?
D: Stop whining like a pup I didn't permanently damage anything.
P: WILL.... YOU...... COME.... THEN!
D: Yes but on my time and decision.
D: If you can't get back on your own I don't think you deserve to frankly.

Fade's patched it up and healed it, but it's still stiff, he couldn't stop laughing for hours. He's a fucking bastard.

Monday, 11 March 2013

I find I don't like doctors

I met up with the torture porn bloke, he fucking creeped the hell out of me, I wish Fade wouldn't send me to do stuff like this.

Well, anyway, I met this guy at an abandoned warehouse somewhere in south London, he had a woman on the table screaming without a leg.

P: Are you Malice?
Ma: Yes.... who are you?
P: I'm Peter, I'm here on behalf of Fade.
* He turns around with a mischievous look on his face*
Ma: Fade? What does that feline bastard want?
P: He need your opinion on something, and he wanted me to bring you to him. What do you mean by feline?
Ma: *He chuckles* I'm sure you've heard about how cats have 9 lives, well, that's Fade for you... you do know about the Manic incident?
P: Only bits and pieces he's not exactly forth coming with his past, I don't even think he remembers most of it himself.
Ma: Ahhh, well why didn't the bastard come here himself, afraid I'll try to cut something off him again?
P: Maybe, I believe it's more a test of resolve on my part, I'm his..... Apprentice I guess.
Ma: Yes he always liked to take in strays. Test your resolve you say..... ahh that's what he wants me to do.
P: *A bit fearful* Do what?
Ma: A little test, please come over to this table and lie down.
P: What is this?
Ma: the test.

*He straps me down and injects me with something*

Ma: It's a hallucinogenic that's been developed by my people, if you have resolve enough to battle through it than I guess I'll follow you back to Fade. If you don't I'll use the footage for other means and Fade will have to come after me himself.
P: Wh....

* I passed out, I'm not exactly sure what happened there's only shattered pieces, but there was a voice inside my head, 'Hey little white sheep oh so pure, the darkness in your heart lays well assured. I woke up covered in sweat and my shirt front open, Malice was standing over me with a camera and a scalpel*

Ma: Damn....... well I'm a man of my word, take me to your leader.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I've lost track of the days

I’m home, finally I have got Fade’s say so that it’s ok to return home, well the place I’ve come to recognise as home. It was strange seeing that woman looking so different from when I last saw her, she didn’t look so empty I guess is what I mean, when I came in the door she was looking at the shower’s door and the shower was on. I came in and she didn’t seem to notice me, the shower stopped going and out came Fade, he always likes walking about with his shirt off, it was just as weird seeing the girl wearing one of Fade’s suits which hung off her weirdly it also looked like it was damp, she must have took a shower before Fade, but there was also a weird feel around her, I couldn’t put my finger on it, must be my imagination since she changed a lot since I last saw her a few weeks ago.

F: What’s the face about Pete, I thought you’d be ecstatic to be back her after being out in the cold?
*Fade looked like he hadn’t slept for days so I didn’t push him about the dream I had that had him and the clockwork Man*
P: Sorry I guess I’m still not used to all of this, and seeing her like this is weird after the ….. thing. Hey I still don’t know what she is.
F: I’ll explain to you later, I have a job for you; a job hat requires you not to stink of unwashed bodies, take one of my suits.
P: What is the job, who do you want me to kill?
F:  No one, this is a special non-lethal mission. I want you to go and meet one of my unique associates.
P: What’s wrong with him?
F: He likes to cut people open and sneak the scenes into horror films…. I enjoy his creativity.
P: You know you have a mental deficiency?
F: Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment. (He said with his snug smirk)
P: I’m not sure whether I meant it as one or not?
F: Oh I’m sure you did, but this associate you need to be careful with him, you may end up as a celebrity in a horror film.
P:  Why do I have to speak to some guy who takes inspiration from Jigsaw.
F: Because he’s a fun guy and I require his expertise in a delicate matter.
P: Where am I meeting him and although I’m going to regret asking this what does he look like?
F: Oh, you’ll know, you have to beware however, he follows the thing in the mask.
P: The doctor?
F: Bingo…. I have to look after Siran.
P: Siran,?
F: Our little guest.

The rest of the day consisted of me having multiple showers, putting on a new suit and curling up in front of the fire and sleeping.  I have to meet the ‘associate’ in a few days so lets hope for the best.