Monday, 30 December 2013

part 3

After a few more weeks of arguing amongst each other, disputing territories and old treaties, many of the people who had started with the meeting had left or dropped out, this left the entire compound with a significantly bigger drop in staff and of course the members of the organisation. This also meant I have to accompany Fade on many more of his self-indulgent drinking binge seeing as the few drinking buddies he had acquired also left for more interesting pastures. Eventually there came a day when the big auditorium that had contained hundreds of proxies beforehand grew smaller as the petty disputes were settled, leaving about 30 proxies of varying standing, all the important representatives stayed and a few curious and moderately important proxies lingered.
The day it was that empty we dispensed of the tradition of wearing our masks seeing the group was now so small we might as well know who we were talking to. This was when the massive surprise came out, do you remember the guy that would have killed Fade if the bastard wasn’t built to last, his female boss was also there, I stood up in outrage asking why they were there and questioning Fade’s calm and even demeanour. It was Tiberius who raised his voice to silence me, with everyone’s eyes on me I only had one choice, and that was sit down shut up and let my outrage simmer until after the meeting was over.
Fortunately enough this meeting, was when things got…. Interesting, by that I mean Fade was locked up and thrown into a cell that to be honest turned out to be just as well furnished as the other rooms just smaller.  Though we’re getting ahead of ourselves, I think first we need to talk about the meeting which led to Fade’s incarceration. It took place about half an hour in to the meeting, they were just talking about boring things, about gruesome battles, and Fade stood up and took out I sign from behind his seat, saying “Na nan a nan a, I started a wa, ar”, this in itself didn’t get that much attention, though when he took out a couple of bangers from his pocket and threw them at the back of everyone’s head. This may have aggravated the situation more than it needed to, so that when everyone turned it was terrifying to see their faces that only showed annoyance begin to turn to loathing and hate, like a lynch mob ready for murder.
Tiberius Face had turned Red like a coal straight from a fire low but still with a burning intention, with what seemed all of his self-control he calmly asked Fade;
T: Is this some kind of joke Muse?
F: Not really I just got tired of all your pointless talking I think Pete was actually starting to die from boredom and consecutive hangovers.
T: Is that a confession?
F: What the sign and bangs weren’t a big enough hint for you Tibs?
T:  If this is true then I’ll have to ask you for the sake of all Proxies of the united kingdom and Ireland, to cease all activities, disband the forces you have amassed in the north, you will then be put under investigation, with a possible chance of death. Do you have any last words before we escort you to your cell?
F: No Tibs, Wisk me away, though I’m surprised you haven’t asked me why, I’m sure everyone in this room still wants to  why? Always an interesting question.
That Guy:  Ohhh, Fade returns the serve.
T: That is enough Night Eyes.
NE: I’m sorry Sir, though to be honest I have a professional curiosity.
F: That you, don’t worry there are no hard feeling, though I’d watch for falling bricks if I was you. Are you aware Tiberius of how it is not to have a purpose, having something to chase and identify with, Manic had a dream to defeat the fears, though I believe that killing a few proxies, upsetting the power balance, destabilising a hierarchy would afford us simple humans such much needed rest.
T: How would starting a war among slender proxies going to upset the balance between the fears, it doesn’t make any sense?
F: IT’s funny you still think that they’re all slender proxies, or even human themselves, who says there aren’t any campers or shards, nests, or nameless. The majority of the proxy population gathered in an invisible war you didn’t even notice.
T: You bastard, how did you get the fears to agree to this?
F: Well they may just find it amusing for them, or sympathise with me, I don’t know though it appears battle lines have already been drawn, you could lock me up, kill me, I don’t think anything could stop the rolling stone now, except a hard crash of two great forces.
*Fade gave a smirk*
T: *Through gritted teeth* Throw him in the nearest cell, and starve him a little, see how he likes that.

And that, ladies and gents is how Fade got incarcerated at a meeting of murderers.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Getting busy around christmas time, the meeting part 2

After Tiberius had opened the meeting he went about introducing the topic of the meeting and a few people of note, Fade was actually in it, though towards the end.

Tiberius: We have gathered in a sacred place to discuss the current stresses appearing in the north, on be half of the Scottish Contingent we have the Two brothers, (I forget their names.... I've been told to call them Dee and Dumb), The Welsh contingent sent y Draig goch (Something along that line), myself for the English contingent, with the Fading Muse filling in for the Irish who are low on numbers, currently. Though the Muse is also believe to have some connection to the northern problem.

*I remember Fade having a little smile behind his mask*

This was followed by a few factions discussing certain territories to see if it was an accident of naive proxy that led to the conflict though this fell short of any explanations. Followed by many other tiny quarrels and quibbles, all the time Fade just sitting impassively taking it all in behind both his masks, the literal and his smirking impish face. After 4 hours the meeting was ended for the day, Fade asked me to meet him in the Bar after getting changed into clean clothes. With that he walked off taking out his packet of cigarettes and putting one to his mouth ignoring the protests of another proxy and lit it.

After asking a member who seemed to be helping at the meeting showed me to my room in the cavern and warrens of the island I asked him to wait to show me the way to the bar when I was ready. I left him in the hallway and as I open the door I noticed the room was actually quite spacious and airy, despite the fact it was underground, it was made of the same marble and black knotted wood of the main entrance, the bed was so spacious you could have probably slept 5 people in it, and my bag was at the foot of the bed with a note, which said quite strangely "Enjoy your stay, :)" with a watermarked operator symbol, I didn't expect that. With that I got washed and changed then got the man to show me to the bar, he was very obliging answering my questions, when I posed them apparently he is one of the people in the organisation that handles the money given to them if needs be and he only helps at the meetings as he doesn't have the stomach for murder.

The Bar was very different, the barman for instance had a mask unlike the others I'd seen on the staff, it covered everything below his eyes though his eyes and hair well visible giving him a look that he was sizing you up all the time. The actual room itself seemed to be made entirely of the black wood I seen throughout place, with only the bar being made of anything else, even that being wood though it seemed much more normal than the other wood. I saw people sat in groups in the dark corners, used to being hidden, never in full view even in their own warrens, Fade was sat at the bar with a couple of glasses in front him one almost empty one full. I went up and tapped Fade on the shoulder he asked me what I wanted and got me a beer starting on his full pint, ordering another one for himself whilst he was at it.

Pete: This place is quite different than the rest if the building?
F: So? Can't they have variation.
P: Well if I've learnt anything from hanging with you for this year is that the reasons are ever that simple.
F: True, this is a part of the path of black leaves you saw the trees in the forest we went through to get here, well it holds this place together, this actually meeting place is actually sort of in between two places. Extra security. Say if they wanted to dig on this island one day well if it was normal they would find it in a day though since they can't get in through the path they could did down to bed rock and find nothing.
P: So why is there so much in this room?
F: It's place people come to drink.
P: What does that mean?
F: What do the Fears inspire and bring out of humans, Terror pain, anguish, sadness. The wood that grows here grows strong from taking the misery eating the soul bit by bit until nothing but an emptiness is left. Some people have vanished into the wood work here taken into the wood giving it even more life.
P: So you wanted to come here?
F: It's a bar.
P: Is everything alright Fade you seem a bit out of sorts?
*He ordered another pint as his started on his next*
F: Who am I Pete?
P: Um Fade?
F: Not what I mean, that's the name I've been given though all the memories I have in my head, all those important moments in my past I can remember though I don't really know what they mean.
P: Are you talking about when you were Manic?
F: Ai, a long long time ago he knew who he was, he was even two people, though I don't know what these memories mean to me I see that woman and I see all that's happened between this body and her though I feel nothing for her, for his friends or for his son.
P: Well you are someone, aren't you, you can think for yourself, make your own decisions, that counts for something right.
F: I'm someone without a past, no history, I have no idea who I am what I want to do, what I need to do, I am a ghost of a ghost of a much better man. He knew who he was and what he was doing, I wish I could
leave all of this to him though I can't he's dead, so it's left for me.
*A chair fell over and I saw a man with a collection of scars across his face leave, Fade didn't even turn around*
What would you do if you were me Pete, no past, no future?
P: I don't know you sort of took my future, though I guess there's some freedom now that I didn't have before, free from living a average life, like every other person my age will become, so I'm just trying to live on I'm gonna make a name for myself I'm become do something about the Fears.
F: Tad Optimistic I think, impossible if you ask me, Manic tried very hard to do that and he failed and ended up giving his life to protect those closest to him.
P: Well I'm going to do it.
F: Many stronger, cleverer people have tried, you know where they are now, six feet under in unmarked graves if in graves at all.

*Fade got off his stool and almost fell over*

P: Whay, think it's time to go bed mate, I'll get one of the porters to do it.
F: No i'll be fine.

He walked off into the tunnels into the monochrome warren, I noticed a note in his place I opened it and read "Everyone fears judgement, some just hide better" There was a symbol a circle with a dot in side of it, it was different from the operator symbol, how was I to know.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Wow It's been two months, it was a long meeting.

You couldn't really tell time in that place, only that it felt like it either went too fast or too slow, though that's over now, not everything that happened there was interesting so I'll try and only put in the interesting parts.

Fade woke me up at 5 O'clock, on the day we were suppose to leave and told Siran to be good and to behave herself, though she only turned and let a little bit of water fall out of her mouth. Taking what little luggage we had we left base camp and popped to a nearby wooded area.

P: Why couldn't we just pop over there like we usually do with this sort of thing, Teleporting isn't very useful if you can't get anywhere with it.
F: When you can displace yourself in existence and pop up in your intended destination then you can complain. However, this place is protected by many things, both natural and.... well you know by now, and as the meeting place of the faceless court it can only be entered by the Path, meaning only strong proxies can get there, this leaves less bickering and casual murders.
P: Then why do we have to do it here I swear I read somewhere you could open it anywhere, you've opened it in the middle of the road once.
F:* Fade looks troubled* I've never done that, I choose here because it's the domain of old faceless, the dark wooded areas, home to stalking nameless things, it's easiest to draw upon his eldritchness and open his path, also it's part of the pomp and ceremony of these things.
P: So...... How do we open it?
F: Well that's easy, *He takes out his knife and flips it in his hand twice* With a flick of my magic wand.
Abra Kadabra.

With that the air around me shook and pulled, as if all of creation was protesting this thing, and as I watched the blade of the knife disappeared, a hole appeared behind it and as Fade pulled the knife to the ground a rip, a scar opened in the remaining space, through it I saw a dead forest, the sky unseen through a thick canopy and the way lit by some bizarre luminescence. There were shadows that danced and prodded at the tear Fade had made.

F: Well better get moving, don't want to be late, don't forget your mask Pete.

With that I put on a plain tube of fabric that took away my features, Fade put on his Muse's mask and checked his hair. Without even stopping he stepped into the void he had created and despite my apprehension I ignored the growing sense of terror, dread and wrongness and followed. Fade and me must have walked for hours surrounded by, not quite darkness, and strange noises until Fade stiffened and chuckled.

F: We're here.
P: And Where is here when it's at home?
F: The Island of Staffa, end of the tourist seasons, still plenty of nice puffins to see though.
P: Staffa?
F: Scotland, one of the islands of the inner hebrides, it's name comes from the old norse for stave, or pillar island as you'll see is fitting very shortly.

Another gash appears, what I see before me is is a dark sky showing an Island unlike any I've seen before, millions of columns seem to burst from the raging surf holding up a great slab of land.

P: W... Who made this?
F: No one did, all natural on the outside, you could say God made it if you were so inclined.
P: Does anyone live here?
F: No one non fear related, the faceless court wouldn't be secure if we had a couple of farmers spying on us all the time. Beside its not even a mile square, all we have to worry about are tourists and they're gone by this time of year, and conditions.
P: Then where do we meet these people, in the cave?
F: No don't be silly.

We appeared on top of the island and Fade pulls up a crude trapdoor, not befitting the occasion, though as we went down a few step we came to a much more grand door, made of marble Fade said, not of the Island's Basalt. He opened it with little effort and even less noise and before me was a massive hall made of White stone and black wood, the wood creeping and filling the spaces between the stone, Hundreds, thousands of Proxies filled the space, most far too laid back to be at such an important occasion. Through this Fade put his hand in between my shoulder blades and led me through to a desk with a woman in a similar mask to mine but a hole through which she could see everything unimpeded.

 F: Fading Muse, head of the London Borough of Barnets Orphanage, head of the Enfield rugby team and avid mischief maker.
Woman at Desk: ... Thank you for that, and him?
F: Pete MI ice, dogs body.
WaD: Thank you, you are in part M room an, Your companions ic, please enjoy the meeting and refrain from murder and harassment, it would not be looked upon kindly.
F: Would it be alright if we got someone to take our bags to our rooms, because as you are aware the meeting is about to start and we don't have time to go down to M part, also I am anticipated.
WaD: Very well, Muse. Door on your right.

We went through the door and found and auditorium filled with masked faces and found a seat in the middle of the stands not too close or too far away. The stragglers came in, hush fell, In the center of the room a man walked in and stood with a microphone and in the voice of Tiberius announced;

T: Let the 102nd meeting of the faceless court take place.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Holiday over

A week ago Fade was approached by an individual that some might call, important in proxy circles, according to Fade he's the one in charge of most proxies in the greater London area. For this let me paint you a word picture, it was a sunny afternoon and Fade was trying to stay cool among the oppressive heat beating down on every house and every surface, he's even managed not to kill anyone the past months, he's just sending me out to do a few stalkings and intimidations but nothing major. This particular evening I was getting back from a stalking when I found Fade sat across the table from a particularly scarred man possibly about 50-60, though you may think Fade looks 30 not 21 so any guess I make could be useless. When they noticed my presence Fade stood up and spoke with his cigarette still in his mouth;

F: This is my protegee, so please don't be to malevolent around him, This is Pete MI Ice ,little wet around the ears but he's got promise. Now Pete this is a very important and ruthless proxy, this man is Tiberius, just Tiberius, he thinks himself above second names, he has something very important to tell us.
T: Fade must attend the council in 2 weeks, all the important leaders....
F: Start from the beginning or all chances of me comings will vanish.
T: A war has started in the north, hundreds of proxies are already dead from the fighting of the northern borders, we don't know who exactly is declaring war on whom yet but this meeting will decide if it is a petty fight over territory or something more troublesome *He turns and lays weary eyes on a smirking Fade*. We need the Muse here because he is one of the strongest in the greater
London Area and in the UK, they will listen to him.
F: Oh you know that's not the reason you want me, you think I'm the one inciting all the violence, would you believe it if I told you I'm not starting any wars right now?
T: I'll believe that when your body is so dead it can't even twitch anymore, but this is above your head the Scottish contingents are nervous about so many proxies amassed around their borders and you know how hard it is to frighten them.
F: In all honesty no. *Again flashing a cheeky smile*
T: Well they aren't easily frightened, we need you at the council if only for you to take the piss of us being paranoid, if we are then your insults might rest us at ease. Though I can't trust you, the only person around here that wants the world to change, is you.

Bring your pet if you want but come, the faceless court in 2 weeks, it may decide the fate of us all.

* with that he stood us walked behind a wall and disappeared*

P: Are we going?
F: Of course we are it's going to be a lot of fun. *His mischievous smirk growing wider*

The meeting is this weekend god help us.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Working away from home

It seems Fade felt like a holiday after his little incident the other week, this didn't seem to end like the other one despite the limp he seemed to acquired and can't seem to shake. We popped up in a town called Borris-in-Ossory apparently in Ireland a place very unlike London, so much so I had a little kip whilst we waited for the to begin. We met in a little pub in the city it was a group of runners who wanted to make a deal with his lord almighty, this went as well as you expected. After a couple of pints the runner got up and tried to overstep his mark and try to get more than he was entitled, this unfortunately didn't go down to well with Fade so I was grabbed by the collar to a place called Kerryglass, somewhere on the River Shannon according to Fade it was so foggy you couldn't see the opposite bank. Here amongst the rain and the water he and this Runner fought jumping from boat to boat at the quay, whilst I tired to keep pace with another bloke who must have been at Fade level, or higher must have been a professional boxer before had or something. Well I was walked over this little bridge whilst Fade was walking to the end of the pier, so looking for support I ran towards him as soon as he was at the end of the pier tackling him off the pier as soon as I felt cold water rush under me clothes and through my nose we were landing on the hard tarmac of a road in the country, Fade pulled me up by my collar and got me to attention whilst we waited for retaliation we ignored the middle aged man standing by the pub who must have seen us come out of nowhere. By the time we had taken up positions the other blokes had followed us through and the fight begin again blows being traded and knives being drawn, I barely saw Fade for dust across the fields and his pursuer somehow kept pace with him.

Keeping my mind on the little shit following me I pegged it past the little post office and the GAA club I jumped a rusty gate to try and get a more open area between me and him, but somehow between the brambles and the cows he kept pace and by the time I turned it was no use I was corned by the hedge and the man. I resigned myself to my fate until I felt my nose bleed and the pressure on the world increased, your man stood there almost frozen, not able to move a muscle all I could see a man with a mask with a mischievous grin standing behind him, by the time I blinked he was on the ground.... not moving I had no clue what was going on but I didn't dally.

I found Fade fighting his bloke half a mile down the road trading blows and slashes amounst farm yard machinery and a dog barking his head off. He was on the back foot until I arrived and distracted his opponent from the fight, he turned and Fade went to slash to his throat, he wasn't even able to make a surprised sound by the time he hit the floor. It was only then I noticed Fade had a massive gash on his forearm and forehead, though since he'd just recovered from much worse I don't feel like worrying about him, I cleaned it up and wrapped it and that's all I think it needs, goodnight.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Long time no see

Well let see what was happening last time I updated Fade was being weird and Sarah had just become part of the group, now to what's happened since..... Malice is Dead. Sarah killed him because he tried to kill me, I still don't understand properly what happened, apparently it was part of the plan, that it was his job to kill me, it's what Fade said. Though why would Fade want me dead he's had plenty of chances to kill me already and he could have taken any number of them to do it, maybe Malice's association with the Doctor finally got to him, got sick in the head. Saying all that however I can't help but feel nothing about his death, it didn't affect me apart from prolonging my life and we never got that close even in the time Fade went missing. This means though that the most sane person in the house is now dead, how much longer can I hold out against the insanity that surrounds me, Fade's got me going on jobs with him, I must have killed more than 30 people in the past couple of months, I feel like I'm slowly slipping away, just becoming a toy ticking away, aimlessly wandering and one day the spring will just uncoil.

I'm gonna tell you about a job I went on a few days ago with Fade, which despite the heat he still wore a suit for. We were apparently going to face a group of Runners and scare them a bit, it didn't turn out that way unfortunately. We got there at midday when the temperature was about 30 Celsius outside meaning more likely than not they'd be in the building they've been using to hide in. Fade opened a side door and checked there was no one inside waiting to ambush us, he came back and told me to be careful, I felt this was a bit too easy as well but we pressed on, 5 minutes later after searching we couldn't find anyone in the building Fade just assumed it was a bad tip off and that someone had made a mistake, until it happened. The walls of the room around us blew in towards us pelting us with bits of brick and paint, with this a man stepped out;

Mysterious man: Well, well, well, if it isn't the infamous Muse, drenched in the blood of enough innocents and devils to fill an ocean, am I not right.
Fade: So you're the one who's been looking for me, I presume?
Mm: Of course I am, you wouldn't come to me so I decided to come to you instead and I need a grand entrance didn't I, though finding you wasn't as easy as I expected some of the people I asked must have been more afraid of you than me because they gave me incorrect information and apparently told you someone was looking for you.
F: True, though I think it's foolish to challenge me if you value a life where you want to see the sun set today.
Mm: That would be true but I have a feeling you'll be re acquainted with an old fear of yours, though that's just what I believe, since you are the most senior I'll let you take the first move.
F: You make it sound like we're playing chess, alright pawn to D3.

With that Fade threw a knife he had concealed up his sleeve and putting his hand behind his back vanished from sight. The man sidestepped the knife like it was nothing, I saw Fade appear behind him a moment later and with shock saw the man holding Fades arm which had his truncheon in it, with a smile he let go and punched the man in the gut causing him to double over. With this he vanished again only to reappear in the same position but holding his truncheon ready to swing it up to the guys head, it connected with a sickening crack as it connected with his jaw bone, I seriously thought it was over at that point... but then he stood up and chuckled.

Mm: you're as fast as they say and improvise very well, though I still don't think it will be enough to kill me.
F: Obviously, though I would expect you usually to be rolling around on the floor trying to cry out behind the blood and broken jaw you should have gotten.
Mm: What can I say, we're two of a kind.

He ran at Fade who I expected to vanish but instead to the hit right to the stomach, he didn't even flinch. The man continued to punch Fade in the face the gut, he even got Fade on the floor once but let him back up.

Mm: And resilient *he said between breaths*
F: Well it will obviously take more than that to kill me.

Fade vanished once more, the unsettling thing is the man smiled when he vanished raised his arm up and a moment later Fade appeared in front of him caught by the neck and trying to raise himself with the toes of his shoes.

Mm: I know I just needed to find out what you could do and take.

The man was suddenly very frightening this is the first time I'd seen Fade in trouble before, the first time I'd seen him..... scared. The man bent down with Fade and picked up a brick from the floor, he then continued to smash Fade in the head with it over and over, until blood came gushing from his nose and seeping from his scalp. This is when the man dropped Fade in a heap on the floor, he started doing something weird, he started taking Fade's tie off , then his blazer and his shirt revealing a bunch of dotted lines on his arm and chest, running his finger across each one until he finally spoke again.

Mm: You see killing you would not do this victory justice, if you died you wouldn't feel the despair I want you to feel, and this will start with me wiping out some of your little pets. All I have to decide is which one will be the first victim * He traced his finger along the lines until he came to one of the segments* how about this one, little thing she is having her 7th birthday thanks to you, maybe I'll choose her take some of that hard fought time for myself, or maybe this one nice young bloke 15 years old, just too young for you to kill, just found a girlfriend he has how nice. *His fingers slid along to 5 marks on his chest above his heart* Or this one the child that can't be yours, or the woman, still hoping.

Fade struggled trying to get up but the man took the brick again and brought it down between Fade's legs, Fade curled up obviously in agony, yet the man didn't relent.

Mm: No, they are for the final symphony of your despair I think I'll be satisfied with three of them.

He took Fade's arm and gripped his arm around it, again Fade writhed as much as he could, as much to free himself as he did in pain. the man stopped and I saw that three of the marks on his arm had vanished, after that all I heard was Fade's shattered breathing s he breathed through the blood collecting i his mouth and what turned out to be a fractured jaw. This was only broken by  a steady tapping like someone walking in dress shoes, A woman appeared in a tight shirt and three quarter shorts obviously dressed for the weather, she came up to the man and told him to stop.

Woman: You've made him suffer enough now I need to talk to him.
Mm: Yes Ma'am
W: Fade how far you've fallen, some may have said you were the strongest person connected to the Fears in the UK, but now look at you nice and broken like everyone you leave behind. Though don't worry, like he said we won't kill you. *She sat down on Fade's lap causing him to convulse in pain, she lent down so that her red hair brushed against his face obscuring it for a second before she pulled it back* Though when we do it will hurt much more than this.

She bounced back up to her feet, eliciting another grunt of pain form Fade, and as quickly as they both appeared they were gone, it too much coincidence that our doctor tried to kill me so soon before we would need him to patch up Fade, who right now is bandaged up in every way imaginable, he can't move I think he just lies there and thinks, and prays that they don't make good on their promise.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Confrontation with a ghost

Fade has been going on as normal..... that's it, that's the strange thing I want to say he has become depressed or gone insane but he is just the same. He saves a child's life and he just act as if that's normal... actually? Is this normal, for him? I swear he vanished. Quite literally out of existence, yet here he is more than a month later and he's normal, during that time everything he's planned seems to have gone to shit. He's also taken to not talking, well to me at least, so it means I've started talking to someone who's turned up recently.... another proxy..... Sarah.

I know for those of you reading this it seems ridiculous, the woman tried to kill me, I know but she said she's sound a new deal with a new abomination and since she isn't contractually obligated to kill me that she would come find me. I actually asked her why she risked facing Fade who probably wouldn't take to kindly to her being in his house, especially after she tried to kill him and me. AS if sensing us talking about him Fade came outside, Sarah said with a weird little smile "oh, that's been taken care of hasn't it?" this led to Fade staring at her with obvious distrust but he didn't make any movement that what she said was untrue, this is why I've been talking with Sarah. Since Fade's grown as distant as he used to be and Malice is called back more often to his abomination since Fade's plan fell apart.

Well that's it for today not much to report.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Curiouser and curiouser

Curious, as in Fade returning quite non chalently in the middle of the night, kicked me out of his bed and slipped in. I woke up the nest morning to find him in a clean suit, shaved and with his mask on, he didn't say anything to me, just sort of stared off into the middle distance and when Malice came in, as non chalently as Fade did last night, giving him a simple, what's up, and nothing more. Fade stayed silent until he left again, which led me to question Malice.

P: Malice?
M: What is it now Pete?
P: What's wrong with Fade?
M: *Gives a shrug* I don't know, he has been gone for a decent amount of time, maybe something happened to teh kid, maybe he's been replaced by a robot.
P: Can they do that? * I asked jokingly*
*Malice just raised his eyebrows, not saying no*
P: Though seriously you treated it as if nothing has happened, why didn't you even ask him how he was?
M: I did, I asked him What's up.
P: That's not what I mean, aren't you curious to know what happened, what he's thinking, how he feels about this?
M: I thought I told you this already, though it seems I need to make it even more clear. Fade hs gone through alot, he's died quite a few times, injured quite severly, been ripped from his family, Twice. The man you saw go out hat door, may not be the Same Fade, he may not even call himself Fade anymore. That man knows things about the Fears we don't need to, or want to. You see Pete, the reason I don't ask him how he's doing, or what's wrong, is because I don't want to know, because I um unlikely to understand what he's feeling, he has a unique and sometimes confounding moral philosophy, he scares and intrigues me all at the same time.
P: Well, you still should have asked.
M: Did you?
P:..... No
M: Then shutup you idiot, or maybe Siran will tell on you.

yes Curious.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Your nightmares never leave you

They're back, stranger and more vivid than I remember, but I wasn't in my room at my normal house, I was at Fade's, I heard the Tick, the ticking that was always there, though as it grew louder I realized it wasn't ticking but knocking. I looked around my spartan room and saw a door that shouldn't be there, in the wall by the window, I heard the knocking and heard the voices the voices of the dead coming to whisper in my ear, taunting me, that a psychopath is more moral than me, that I should just follow them, follow them to freedom. I plug my ears and the voices stop, but the knocking continues, even getting louder, that was when the little mechanical men poured out the door, small as ever, poking around my room, prodding around me, like I was something dead they could have fun with. They then stopped however, and I felt dread gut wrenching dread, I realized that the knocking had stopped, I felt an immeasurable amount of fear, the silence meant that the thing that was taunting me was done playing, that whatever was coming for me would stop hiding behind the doors and noises.

I stayed waiting for half an hour, listening to the creaks of the place, until I heard a whistling, upbeat whistling, though through my time with Fade I've learnt that sometimes that's the one you need to be most wary of. It means it's strong enough to let you know it's near. Then he appeared at the foot of my bed, the man of clockwork, the conductor.

P: Why did you scare me like that?!
TC: That*He says looking at the door*..... that isn't me, *showing me a mouth full of bronze teeth* though I could easily let it in, do you want me to?
*He makes his way to the door*
P: No!!!
TC: Thought so.
P: But why are you here, I haven't made my choice, I don't even know me options.
TC: 'Me options' ? You really are beginning to sound like the Muse. You do need to be careful however he will sacrifice you to achieve his own ends without a seconds hesitation.
P: And you won't?
TC: Well.... atleast I'll be honest about it.
P: Wait. Why are you telling me this? Fade's suppose to be one of your favorite servants.
TC: That's why, that's why I want his little plan to fail, because we do need you but for separate reasons, I just like causing trouble amongst the older fears, and plaguie is pretty annoyed he can't get to you. It's just a great deal of fun for me, the Muse however well.... he has own motives.
P: Ok, but what should I do instead?
TC: Use your imagination, I'm sure some of the Muse's rubbed off on you.

HE said this as he faded away tapping me on the forehead, leaving only a smile as I fell back on my bed. I woke up to find it light out, 'Thank god it was a dream.' I said to myself only to find a note on my table, 'You sure about that'

Monday, 29 April 2013

The Fading Ghost

I got on the tube today.... first time in a while and noticed how weird it is to sit in a metal can in the middle of a city, and be isolated from it, no phone signal, no wi-fi, you and you mind, and the few people confined with you. While I was reflecting on this thought I heard the singing of a busker coming down from one of the tunnels usually filled with passengers, mingled in with the tannoy announcements, it gave me a sense of calm..... normality I haven't felt since I began this life..... standing alone in the hall connecting the Piccadilly and northern line I think. This was interrupted by a familiar voice.

F: It's nice isn't it?
* I turn to see Fade sitting with the Kid, his suit filthy and his mask lying next to him*
F: It's where us bit characters stay when the main story doesn't need us..... a transitional place.
P: And what is this story, Fade, or should I call you Manic now?
F: *He chuckles a little* When I know you'll know. The story however, it's the story of life..... somewhere they are kept in a big library, the entirety of human life, condensed to a story.
P: I'm guessing this library is possessed by a fear?
F: It sure is, the most benevolent.
P: A benevolent fear, you are joking?
F: I said most benevolent, he is still very deadly.
P: Okay, so who is it?
F: The Blind Man, Grandfather, the owner of the life of hundreds.
P: I still don't get how he can be even slightly benevolent, I mean he's a Fear.
F: He has the life story of every man, woman and child in his library, all those lives and he has experienced every one of them..... he takes a persons memories.... you cannot open yourself to all that life.... death.... pain................... love, and not fell something.... even God would weep. Then however there are the parodies... the alternate endings, all that could be.... we humans are good at seeing that, and the weight of infinity crushes us, yet we live on, in our story, until the last pen stroke, the last drop of ink has dried.
P: Well.... that's very deep of you Fade but why are you telling me about it?
F: Because Pete, you have become a bit character in your own story, a piece in a much longer story I started a long time ago. Even so, this is real life even bit characters have souls they've touched, someone will always cry.... even for a bit character *He nods to the kid next to him*
P: You really aren't making any sense.... have you finally gone loopy, off your nut!?
F: *He leaps up and grabs my arm* I will show you what I mean.

We teleport to a sunny field filled with tombstones, and a group of people dressed in black.

F: This is the funeral for the person you killed yesterday....his body was found and he was a bit character to your story, but he had his own that you choose to give a full stop to.
P: I wasn't my choice, it's either kill or be killed.
F: * He lights a cigarette and exhales a plume of blue smoke* You always have a choice.
P: No I don't, I....
F: You have the choice to be human, whether you let yourself become dead inside, until you feel nothing... until you are the book you leave behind, when you become part of the Blind Man.
P: What right do you have to lecture me, you have killed many more people than I have.
F: Yes I have, that has given me experience, it has stripped me of every emotion except sadness, I rarely feel pain, if I did then I'd at least know I was alive. What did you feel when you killed that man yesterday?
P: I felt sick and appauled at myself, I...
F: Are a liar, you felt relief, that it was his life not yours that was ended, his full stop. That this time tomorrow his body would be in the ground, and yours wouldn't, even a bit character has  person that cries for them.
P: Then what are you Fade, a bit character, or a full person?
F: I'll show you.
* We teleported again, when we came out the sky was cloudy, we were out side a small, but normal house*
F: Look in the window.
P: Why? *I was feeling uneasy I wondered if Fade was playing a trick on me I still do.*
F: Because I asked you to, though like I sad.... you have a choice.

I walk up to the window and see a woman, not much older than Fade crying, over a battered notebook, with white numbers carved into the leather, filled with some white stuff.  It looked like she had heard a noise, so wiped her eyes and hid the book, a kid came down, I couldn't place his age.. but it looked familiar. It crawled into what I guess was it's mothers lap, I don't think I've seen such abject dispair, the child started to Sob into it's mother's lap, and she held back hers. I turned back to Fade ot ask him who's family it was.

F: The people we kill get off easy, they get a reprieve from the pain and torment we put them through, the families however suffer most, the person most important to them died about 3 months ago.
P: Yes but who's family is it, one of your victims?
F: Yes....

* Turned and walked away, and faded into the rain that had stated*

I looked back through the window and saw two men come into the room with another woman.... I recognised them... they were the people who came after Fade that day, Tom and Grey.

Then it clicked into my head..... that was Fade's family, the people that were hurt most from his killing.

Friday, 26 April 2013

As the Muse Fades the darkness returns

It seems Malice is deciding to stay, apparently he made a promise to Fade before he did what he did, I guess Malice isn't that bad, if you don't think too much about the sadistic mutilation he may put you through. The decision has also been made that we can't let out Siran, apparently she is dangerous even by Malice's reckoning, we can't let her free if we let her free we give her a way to poison an entire city, if we let her go everyone dies. Malice said that it's all Fade's fault aswell, he coaxed just enough of her original self out, enough..... imagination, to make her the deadliest camper in the country. Because where EAT can mimic human speech, and thought.... the imagination is impossible to recreate, you need to be born with it, you need to have a soul, so that's why we can't let her free.

I sometimes drop in to her room when she's sleeping, she doesn't really seem to breath, yes her chest goes up and down but there's no sound or apparent life. She doesn't seem sad, or particularly unhappy with things, to be honest it's almost like she wants to be here, locked in with Malice and I, probably her last two jailers. She hasn't tried anything to escape,  she hasn't even tried to 'turn' me like she did the first time, so it is unsettling, she's planning something I know it.

After the Siran matter was discussed I asked Malice a question;

P: Were you an actual doctor once?
M: Yes, long time ago.
P: What did you specify in?
M: Well, the workings of the humans most inner demons, if I want to sound pretentious, though it was just basic shrink work. Why you ask little ticker?
P: Well..... ever since I've been involved with these... things, I've been having nightmares on and off, they stopped when I joined Fade but, they seemed to have started again. I don't know whether they're real or not, I just want to know if I'm going insane.
M: Yes.
P: What?
M: You are going insane, it's the only way to survive in this world, the dreams themselves are probably just a side effect. What is actually in these dreams?
P: Well when it started it mainly revolved around someone ticking coming from a closet door in my bedroom, which progressed to seeing a man made of gears and clockwork, it even had little minions that scared the shit out of me. My girlfriend, at the time, even saw Fade, and my, um..... best friend saw a dead person before he was taken.
M: What happened to your friend after being taken?
P: HE was killed.
M: By who?
P: Well, you know how this world is better than I do.
M: I do, so sorry.
P: For what?
M: That you had to kill your friend. But I don't think you're done with the dream, go on.
P: This drove me mad, the ticking was never ending, until I finally crow barred open the door and found nothing but an old grandfather clock, now it wasn't working all it had was a note on it. That's when Fade picked me up and forced me to work for him.
M: No he didn't.
P: I think you'll find he did.
M: No he didn't the Muse may be many thing but he doesn't force anyone to do anything, it's not the type of person he is, he merely..... brought the psycho out of you.
P: He did force me, he would have let my brother fall to his death if I didn't say yes.
M: Did you actually see him throw your brother of the roof or high place?
P: .... NO.
M: Then all Fade did was take him back here, Fade doesn't hurt true innocents.
P: He made me Kill my friend.....
M: Did he threaten to kill you, maim you, or other cause harm to your general being or that of your family?
P: No.
M: You seem to have blamed Fade for everything, when all he did was give you a choice, you made the choices, since Fade's known you he has always respected your decisions as long as they kept you alive. But yes the dream go on.
P: Bu...
M: The Dreams.
P: Later, when I had been kicked out since Siran had been brought in and dangerous, I had a dream Fade and this same Ticking man was having a discussion about me, and after that he came and offered me a choice.
M: What was it?
P: I don't know it ended as Fade kicked me awake, I've started having them again though now.... and he always gets a little closer to telling me my choices.
M: Well, if you were to ask me it just sounds like your mind trying to cope with the massive change going on in your life, it's just a case of Bad cheese as I say.
*Malice gets up to leave*
P: But what about the ticking thing in it, the one Fade seems to believe is real?
M: *He turns to look at me wearily* There is no Fear like that, Fade believed a lot of things, some of them not true, also you have to remember the can Muse lie.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Fade has a soul

He seems to have had a soul after all, we were sent on a mission to get a target for that faceless one, Slendy. All Fade knew about the target is that we had to go to a park and wait for the 'Slender shits' to point out the target. We waited for nearly an hour until a filthy looking child came digging around in a bin, and eating what he found on a swing, that is when the tall one appeared, I felt my head pound 'That's the one', Fade without saying a word stood up and walked over to the child, they didn't see him coming up to them since their hood was up. I followed Fade incase he told me to do it, and I think at the time I was very ready to do so if it meant the my survival and the survival of my family. Fade however put his hand up to signal I should stay where I was, he went up to the child and reached into his pocket pulling out some pork scratchings, probably from his trip to the pub the night before. The child was weary at first, it's reaction suddenly changed and it took down it's hood, at which point I saw it was a little boy, with black hair looking dirty, and tired. When I started to walk towards Fade the tall thing put a tentacle infront of me, it burnt like hell so I didn't walk any further and took the hint, this was Fade's thing. I looked over and saw Fade crouched down in his suit to be face to face with the child, he actually looked quite fatherly, did Fade have a family before this, I can't remember. Fade hugged the child and picked him up carrying his cradling it's head and walked to where I was, he stopped a few feet away from the Slender Man, and looked at the boy, who seemed to have drifted off, the Slender Man's voice split my skull saying 'give me the child, Muse you have done well'. Fade looked at the child still who squirmed in his arms and whimpered slightly, 'No' was all he said, 'What!' The Slender Man screamed forcing me to my knees, Fade just stood and looked at him, he started to fade away as he was teleporting away, ' you can have the child when I'm dead, and I'm not quite there yet'. The Slender Man swiped out with a  tentacle trying to catch Fade but it went through empty space where Fade was moments before, unfortunately Slender Man took his anger out on me, so Malice has been patching me up for the past few days, but it seems his little alliance is over.

I doubt that's he last we'll see him, but I do have one thing to say about him.

What a hypocrite.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fade's Changed

Ever since the secret of his eye was revealed Fade doesn't come out of his room except for missions and tell me to collect certain people, according to him we've gained the trust of birds of a feather, that of the sleeping dogs, rapturous disease, tranquility, the black blood, the lost and cold children, the ticking lord, the creep. Apparently they're the majority we need to fulfill the plan we have set out to achieve, the plan the conductor and he devised, the plan, Fade says, which is the key to his freedom, and the end of my servitude. Siran hasn't showed 'her' face since the last time, but Fade tells me she is still on our side, he means too much to them to let him out of their sight, Malice has also started bringing victims back with him, I hear screams half the night, sobs the other time I swear between the three of them I will go crazy far before the Fears affect me, wait haven't I said that already in an earlier post...... it's official I've lost it...... I've obviously had a hit on my head and am now just dreaming all this, none of this is real, I am in a hospital being treated by normal, non psychotic doctors, surrounded by my loving family, not about to be killed anytime I go outside.

I'm joking I know this is real, also Fades eye thing I'm intrigued by it if anyone on here any information please can you relay it to me, I made a drawing, but I'm not an artist nor is the camera very good that I stole, must have dropped it, see i never would have stolen before this... (Focus, no sidetacks).

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Muse's friends

So Fade took me out on a 'relaxing' day as a reward for all my hard work, which I personally thought I deserved especially after all of the injuries, both mental and physical, I have gained in 'the line of duty'. Unfortunately it didn't work out like that, we had some visitors from Fade's life and they didn't exactly stay quite about him.

It was on of the only sunny days we've had this year and so I went out to enjoy the nice weather, Fade even dug up a couple of shorts and shirts so we didn't have to go out in the suits, it was odd seeing Fade so casual, even had sunglasses on. Malice was going to come with us but he says he's allergic to fun so didn't come along, which was fine by me, the guy creeps the fuck out of me. So only me and Fade went to a park close to the, I don't what to call it actually base? Lets go with base. Well after getting a few drink and lighting one of his choking cigarettes we heard someone shout Manic? Fade just ignored it, so did I as I thought it was the best idea to just copy what Fade did, then the voice came closer and said Manic but more cautiously than before.

Voice from behind: Manic, that's you isn't it?

I turned around to see a dark haired man and one that looked like he had recently come back from the brink of death.

Fade: Tom, Grey, leave now.
Dark haired man: We won't we are either going to take you back or kill you so you can stop causing pain to Kat.
Fade: Why do you think I'm doing this Tom.
Tom (I guess): because you're a selfish person who cherishes his own life above those of the people he loves.
Fade: *He finally turns to face them and grabs the Tom bloke by his shirt fronts* I am not selfish, I am doing this for all of you, so leave, now.
Grey ( The other guy): *He says in a weak voice* Manic please stop, we're too tired to fight you, and we really don't want to.
Fade: And that's why you have to leave, you know what I can do and if it means protecting her I will do it.
Tom: And what did you do Manic, you ran away, you joined the Fears and you made Kat suffer, she thought you were dead! Don't you care?
Fade: *Low but angry* Ofcourse I care I did what I did to save her, to save all of you.
Tom: And what did you do, what massive escapade has saved us from the Fears?
Fade: I sacrificed my life for yours, happy, I made it so I could never be happy again, I forfeited the life I had gained from the conductor and gave it to you, on the solitary condition you forget, forget me, forget them, live normal lives. But as always you people are too stubborn for your own good.
Tom: and what about Patrick? What about the little boy who doesn't have his father, why is he left in the middle of your mess, he needs you.
Fade: He doesn't need me, non of you need me, I made sure of that when I left, Grey is no longer a lych, you have lost your apathy, you have Aoife, and Kat..... well she has all of you and Patrick, the only truly good thing I have made, so leave.
Tom: You bastard!Kat is not fine she isn't better without you.
Fade: Yes.... yes she is.

* Apparently out of nowhere Tom punched Fade and sent his sunglasses flying off, Grey looked extremely uncomfortable*

Fade: There is no way I can go home, see.

*Fade pulls Tom towards him so there noses are touching*
Tom: M.... Manic, what's up with your eyes?
Fade: They are my contract, and I'm not Manic anymore, not for a long time, I am Fade.... I am a proxy. So you should leave or die trying to bring me back.
Tom: This isn't over Manic, we will bring you back one way or another.
Fade: *Waits for them to be out of earshot and sadly said* No... no you won't.

P: Why did your eyes freak that guy out?
F: Because they are no longer my eyes.
P: I don't understand.

Fade walks towards me and I see in his eyes what looks like a clock face with arm pointing at either midday, or midnight.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


All this training is really getting to me, I have had more exercise these past 3 days than I have had in my entire life, but I must have got better since I had to fight for my life the other day. Fade calls them hunted, or runners, people who are victims of the Fears, some of them hunt the, ummmm Fade calls us proxies.... servants. I was out on a routine surveillance mission for Fade, he doesn't seem to do his own work anymore just gets me to do it. Well this was a new runner according to Fade so he wasn't suppose to be a good fighter, but I guess this guy had a grudge with whatever Fear was chasing him and any person associated with them. Well I got a bit lazy and was spotted, the person just ran at me screaming, with what looked like a bat, but it looked crudely made, I dodged it but just letting my body go limp, Fade calls it the possum.

I bravely lied to him feigning ignorance about why he was attacking me.
P: Wait, wait, wait, what are you doing you maniac!
Runner: Die!!
P: Please stop, I haven't done anything to you.
R: That's just what you people would say!
*He runs at me a swings the bat again I raise my arm and felt it rattle, it must have been close to breaking*
P: What people, dude what are you doing.
R: Fight me you shit, you and the fucking fears deserve to die!
P:Fears, what?!You're fucking crazy mate, just let me be, I have a girlfriend, friends... what are you doing?
*I saw the runner's face falter in it's anger*
R: I.... I'm sorry, I .... I'm just being chased by something... please forgive me, just forget about me.
P: Why would I forget I'm gunna call the police, don't be surprised if you end up in prison you little shit!
R: I..... I'm sorry.
* He ran,when he got to the end of the street and got out of sight Fade appeared apparently out of nowhere*
F: Nice lying Pete, but this is no longer a simple intimidation mission.
P: What do you mean?
F: *He started to vanish slowly* Kill boy. *His masked face was the last to fade*

I chased after him, just far enough behind to stop arousing his suspicion, I was going to follow him until he stopped, I saw him turn into an alley, probably to hide from the imaginary police chasing him. I walked casually to the end of the alley so not not make too much noise and make him aware I was there, I took out the knife Fade gave me, I crept up behind him but he must have heard me or something because just at the last moment he turned and brought the bat down on my head. I barely rolled out of the way of his bat, it hit the concrete.

R: So you did lie.
P: Hey I'm a fear servant what do you expect.

He swung at me again but this time I was ready, I got down low to avoid the bat and punched him in the stomach , he reeled back a couple steps but got himself ready before I could follow up he swung the bat as I tried to stab him, he hit me in the wrist , my knife went flying, I held my wrist it was definitely broken. The runner came at me with his fists, I saw the remains of his splintered makeshift bat where he stood a few moments before, I got down ow and tackled him round the waist, I got him on his back, I knelled on his arms to stop his protecting his face, I proceeded to punch him in the face with my one good hand, I got his face quite bloodied before he I got a knee in the back, it sent me sprawling I rolled away, he got up and stumbled over to where my knife had fallen, and came back taking it like I was gonna me some Mayan sacrifice, HE was bringing the knife down when I grabbed the a sharp end of his splintered bat and put it out infront of me, I felt the body fall on it and the pierce and slide of the body. His body slumped and fell to the side and my knife landed right next to my head, I got up and got my head straight when I heard a gasp as the guy wasn't dead yet I just took the heavy end of the bat and bashed his brains in.

After making sure he was dead I heard a cold laugh, I looked about and saw a silhouette of a person lent on a wall, but when I looked again it was gone. I asked Fade later if it was him on the wall, he said no, that he had the utmost confidence I would succeed so he didn't stick around to watch,he did however heal my wrist, can this situation get any weirder.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My arm's better, but that's the only good news

Malice has got my room, and with Siran occupying I have to stay with Fade in his, but little did I know Fade doesn't sleep, he sits and writes in a book. Seriously this guy is weirder than any of the things he's got me going after, but I guess doing this your entire life will do that to you, I only wish he'd stop smoking when he does it, at this stage I'm more likely to die of smoke inhalation than Fear involvement. It was one of these nights that he asked me to do something else,

F: Little Droogie, can you do something?
P: *Rubbing sleep from my eyes* Droogie, what's that shit?
F: From a film I saw, I think.
P: What do you want it's early?
F: See why Siran is awake and pacing in her room.
P: I don't hear anything, maybe she's annoyed by all the smoke you exude.
F: Are you saying you won't do it?
P: Well....... k..
F: Good droogie, no in and out now.
(Although he smiled it wasn't filled with the same cockiness and self assurance, he genuinely looked worried about something, but why should I care)

I knocked on Siran's door and waited for a reply, I didn't get any so I open it to check like Fade told me, when my senses adjusted I wasn't in her room. I appeared to be in the center of a giant funnel of water, then I heard Siran's voice in the roar of the water.

S: Oh I got the puppy, I wanted the sailor, but I'm sure I can still have fun with you anyway.
P: What are you doing, why aren't we back at our place?
S: I'm trying to draw the Fading Muse to have a chat but obviously that didn't work, as to where, we are nowhere, or rather in between places. We should be arriving somewhere any moment.
(With a wet splat I landed on what felt like a water bed filled with oil, I got up and saw nothing but a still, shiny ocean, but it wasn't water and it wasn't quite oil. Siran appeared behind me and she looked different than she did before, well I haven't seen her for a while.)
P: Um Siran?
S: Yes, that's what the Fading Muse has called this vessel.
P: Vessel? Why are you like Blue, and soaked through.
S: Blue, oh yes the Fade hasn't told you much, this is my new form, well the start of it, the all consuming mother has made this vessel, I am her now, you may call me..... More.
P: More? When did you turn into Oliver Twist?
S: *She grabs me by the throat and lifts me up* You dare laugh at me, Boy, you are two thousand years to try to tease me, the Fade's protection keeps you safe, for now but I will take you into me, remember my first words to you.
P: Which were?
S: I will find you when I need you... you are mine, now leave this place.
P: And if I don't
( The surface of the 'ocean' was broken by hands coming and dragging me under, which I took as my que to say I'll leave, didn't she use to be attractive)

I woke up with Fade looking over me

F: Back then, where did you pop off to/
P: I don't know there was a lot of what looked like water.
F: Well, maybe it's to be expected, she's almost fully integrated  there may be a tiny bit of her left but it's mostly the Fear she holds inside herself.
P: Fade..
F: Yes droogie
P: Try and teach me to fight again.
F: Think you can handle it?
P: Yes.
F: Let's start right away then.
P: What it's not even 3 oclock
F: You were in a fears world it's 6 here can't you see the sun's almost up.

I already regret this

Monday, 25 March 2013

More Errands from Fade

Let see, there have been plenty but I think the most interesting was 'seeing a man about a dog' Fade has some twisted sense of humor however he said I shouldn't let my guard down, I asked why he just said Secrets hurt the holder the most a lot of the time, whatever the fuck that means.

I went to the place Fade told me to go to I had to wait hours before anything to happen, you know what did finally happen a small black puppy came out and snuggled up to my leg, I said jokingly, here's the dog where is the man..... I heard a voice from behind me

Voice: Obviously you never met a lych

I looked around but no one was there, I looked back the cute dog had changed into this huge, I think wolf is a better term than dog for this thing. It must have been 5 feet high and the teeth looked more than a little menacing.
P: *Gulp* Good Dogie *Nervous chuckle*
Dog (I guess): I see you have gained the Muse's type of jokes.
P: Um...... Can you come with.
D: The Muse should come and see me himself.
P: H... he said he will talk to you if you came with me.

(It jumped me and bit down on my arm, I felt the muscles strain the tendons near tearing as the pain shot up to my brain)
D: *It releases* What does he mean?
D: Stop whining like a pup I didn't permanently damage anything.
P: WILL.... YOU...... COME.... THEN!
D: Yes but on my time and decision.
D: If you can't get back on your own I don't think you deserve to frankly.

Fade's patched it up and healed it, but it's still stiff, he couldn't stop laughing for hours. He's a fucking bastard.

Monday, 11 March 2013

I find I don't like doctors

I met up with the torture porn bloke, he fucking creeped the hell out of me, I wish Fade wouldn't send me to do stuff like this.

Well, anyway, I met this guy at an abandoned warehouse somewhere in south London, he had a woman on the table screaming without a leg.

P: Are you Malice?
Ma: Yes.... who are you?
P: I'm Peter, I'm here on behalf of Fade.
* He turns around with a mischievous look on his face*
Ma: Fade? What does that feline bastard want?
P: He need your opinion on something, and he wanted me to bring you to him. What do you mean by feline?
Ma: *He chuckles* I'm sure you've heard about how cats have 9 lives, well, that's Fade for you... you do know about the Manic incident?
P: Only bits and pieces he's not exactly forth coming with his past, I don't even think he remembers most of it himself.
Ma: Ahhh, well why didn't the bastard come here himself, afraid I'll try to cut something off him again?
P: Maybe, I believe it's more a test of resolve on my part, I'm his..... Apprentice I guess.
Ma: Yes he always liked to take in strays. Test your resolve you say..... ahh that's what he wants me to do.
P: *A bit fearful* Do what?
Ma: A little test, please come over to this table and lie down.
P: What is this?
Ma: the test.

*He straps me down and injects me with something*

Ma: It's a hallucinogenic that's been developed by my people, if you have resolve enough to battle through it than I guess I'll follow you back to Fade. If you don't I'll use the footage for other means and Fade will have to come after me himself.
P: Wh....

* I passed out, I'm not exactly sure what happened there's only shattered pieces, but there was a voice inside my head, 'Hey little white sheep oh so pure, the darkness in your heart lays well assured. I woke up covered in sweat and my shirt front open, Malice was standing over me with a camera and a scalpel*

Ma: Damn....... well I'm a man of my word, take me to your leader.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I've lost track of the days

I’m home, finally I have got Fade’s say so that it’s ok to return home, well the place I’ve come to recognise as home. It was strange seeing that woman looking so different from when I last saw her, she didn’t look so empty I guess is what I mean, when I came in the door she was looking at the shower’s door and the shower was on. I came in and she didn’t seem to notice me, the shower stopped going and out came Fade, he always likes walking about with his shirt off, it was just as weird seeing the girl wearing one of Fade’s suits which hung off her weirdly it also looked like it was damp, she must have took a shower before Fade, but there was also a weird feel around her, I couldn’t put my finger on it, must be my imagination since she changed a lot since I last saw her a few weeks ago.

F: What’s the face about Pete, I thought you’d be ecstatic to be back her after being out in the cold?
*Fade looked like he hadn’t slept for days so I didn’t push him about the dream I had that had him and the clockwork Man*
P: Sorry I guess I’m still not used to all of this, and seeing her like this is weird after the ….. thing. Hey I still don’t know what she is.
F: I’ll explain to you later, I have a job for you; a job hat requires you not to stink of unwashed bodies, take one of my suits.
P: What is the job, who do you want me to kill?
F:  No one, this is a special non-lethal mission. I want you to go and meet one of my unique associates.
P: What’s wrong with him?
F: He likes to cut people open and sneak the scenes into horror films…. I enjoy his creativity.
P: You know you have a mental deficiency?
F: Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment. (He said with his snug smirk)
P: I’m not sure whether I meant it as one or not?
F: Oh I’m sure you did, but this associate you need to be careful with him, you may end up as a celebrity in a horror film.
P:  Why do I have to speak to some guy who takes inspiration from Jigsaw.
F: Because he’s a fun guy and I require his expertise in a delicate matter.
P: Where am I meeting him and although I’m going to regret asking this what does he look like?
F: Oh, you’ll know, you have to beware however, he follows the thing in the mask.
P: The doctor?
F: Bingo…. I have to look after Siran.
P: Siran,?
F: Our little guest.

The rest of the day consisted of me having multiple showers, putting on a new suit and curling up in front of the fire and sleeping.  I have to meet the ‘associate’ in a few days so lets hope for the best.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 85: Let it shine

Luckily it has been sunny recently in London so it's not to hard to sleep rough, I've just been dossing in parks and sleeping on benches, I usually hide in libraries on cold nights. I assume that Fade is still sat in the room staring at the woman, I just want to be back at the place, if I'm gonna have these nightmares I might as well be comfy.

This one was different, we were in Fade's place, he was sitting by the fire reading a book, but looking over the top at the woman, he has the ticking man beside him, it looks like he's whispering something to Fade, so I moved closer.

TM: The child doesn't know?
F: No he doesn't.
TM: So the true nature of our plan stays in our control, all we have to do is wait for this 'woman' to stabilise?
F: Yes, well need all the help we can get to achieve this.
TM: I knew taking you before the Slender Man killed you would benefit me, are you tired?
F: Yes.
TM: Doesn't that woman seem  warm, why not kiss her see how it feels.
F: No I can't
TM: Why?
F: I'd be turned into one of them then, I thought you needed me?
TM: I do I was just checking something, bring the boy back soon she is almost ready.

A day or two have passed but Fade hasn't come, it was only a dream.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day 81: O... kay then?

Possibly one of the weirdest events today, Fade came back with a woman soaked to the bone and covered in some weird stuff, she also had a really vacant expression on her face. You know what Fade did, he dumped her on the floor I heard a wet thump as she hit so she wasn't too badly hurt especially as she didn't cry out in any pain.

P: Ummm, what's happening?
F: *Wiping his hands on a spare towel hanging around * A fear servant, I'm not sure what to do with her yet, get her out of those clothes, they're filthy, and although she won't get hypo thermia I want her to be dry *HE smiled as he threw his shirt into the Fire* I'll be in the shower if you need me.

So I set out to clean her up and undress her, I got most of the way done, but when I looked for clothes ti put on her I couldn't find any. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised I'm wearing one of Fade's Suits and have been wearing the same one since I started.

P: Fade I can't find any clothes, what should I do?
F: *Poking his head out of the shower* Are all the wet clothes off her?
P: Yes.
F: Really?
P: Well she still has underwear on I guess.
F: Then take it off.
P: But then she'll be naked?
F: Oh for Fuck's sake *Pops his head back in, comes back out with dry suit trousers on* How old are you?

He takes off the underwear takes a towel and dries her, he picks her up around the waist and hauls her over to a room I've been using to sleep in, he sets her down in a corner and leaves telling me to keep an eye on her, whilst he finishes showering.

P: What about the clothes she's still naked
F: *Tosses towel inside the room near her* See she doesn't care now keep an eye on her, oh and  if she starts copying you don't worry it's normal, be worried when she speaks for herself.
P: Wait what?

He leaves, I just sat opposite her she kept looking blankly into the middle distance, she didn't even try to cover herself up. I was uncomfortable with her being naked so I went over and put the towel round her.

P: There we wouldn't want you getting could now would we?
Woman: There we wouldn't want you getting could now would we? *She picks up the towel and put's it round me and looks at me like I'm the one that needs looking after, her expression changes to quizzical, she leans closer in, her face was so close to mine..... I almost*

I feel strong arms around me I feel the heat of an actual human being, twisting me I see the woman going up and looks like she's dragging someone back into her corner. I am thrown out side,

F: I told You to watch her not try to cop off with 'er! *Yeah he drops his h's when he's angry*
P: Hey it wasn't me, she was leaning towards me, I....I....
F: No, She in the Fucking Mimic stage, you was leaning in, if you let 'er kiss yah, you'd be brown bread and I wouldn't be able to 'elp yah. Understood?
P: But.. But...
P: I guess so...

He leaves me sitting there shocked, he sit opposite her talking intermittently, it looked like the most intent staring match I've seen.

P: Don't You want me to get your shirt?
F+W: No
P: Are you sure, it's right in the, and you look...
F: Fuck off, I need to make sure she doesn't pose any risk, when she stops the mimic stage you can interact, so then you can come back, for now leave, I'll find you when I need you.
W: *looks at me* I'll find you when I need you.
F: *Turns from  me* Oi, shut up.
W: Oi, shut up.

I left so I'm on my onesome for now, I still feel odd after that, I did notice she had water coming out of different holes, it was odd, I'm sure Fade's noticed.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 78: I... thought they were gone

The nightmares, but they are different this time, the ticking is louder than ever and there is a laugh that comes with it, a grating..... almost metallic, laugh. I'm back home, in my room, the door is still there but it's opened this time, and there is a face, I can see it now, it has what looks like many tiny sharp teeth, I know it's odd to say but like the kind you'd find on a clock gear. It had the same sparkling eyes, it wore a coat that had moving gear on it, it was always in motion. His head twitched a little and jerked on its neck, but it's smile didn't move that smile, those teeth were disconcerting to say the least. He took a leg and moved it so he was fully in the moonlight, for some reason, I... I couldn't scream just watch as the ticking got louder as he got closer, his manner reminded me of those clowns you see in horror movies, that look of, murderous joy. He came closer with the smile, right to my face, he pulled out a watch from the pocket of his waist coat, and his smile seemed to drop a bit. 'Oh bother your times not up yet, he must still have need for you, don't worry, I'll clean the clock and wipe your slate clean, all you have to do is make a choice, one very simple choice....'

I was woken up by Fade's 'stray' foot, that jolted me awake, I told him about the dream.

P: What does it mean?
F: (He looked slightly agitated  It means that you may have a choice, but whether that choice is truly yours you can't know.
P: Why do you seem afraid?
F: Afraid, pah, I don't feel fear you know that, it just means thing are going well, We will make the world anew and save it.
P: Ok....... Fade?
F: Ja?
P: How do you make the ticking stop.
F: (He smiles and laughs,  that makes me feel uneasy) Well it's very simple you see..... (He turns to look at me) you don't.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Days 63-75: Dreams of genocide

I haven't been posting recently as Fade has been 'training' me hard, but I can hardly call it training it is basically him just beating me up between his 'jobs'. Like a week ago he came back with a bag and just tossed into the fire I was using to keep myself warm, I would have thought he'd trust me more considering he controls my life, he must be concerned because he told me to get a voice recorder, he says that some of the things he's involved in will cause me to lose time, or forget things I've done during the day, he says having the recorder will help me tell if any of this stuff has happened, because if it does..... he may have to kill me. Thing is I don't doubt he will, but maybe it'd be better, die me,  you know, since he will change me make me into him.

Ok might as well start off what this post is meant for,

Fade took me for a little sight seeing tour, took me to Africa I think we appeared in a desert, it was hot and dry, and very painful.

F: What do you see?
P: Sand, alot of sand.
F: Look again.
P: Still sand, is there a point to this I think I preferred cold England.
F: There is a point, this place used to be full of life 10 years ago, but the desert swept in, destroying all but the hardiest forms of life. *Fade picks up an ant that is covered in Silver*
But in it's essence it is death, this sand you see comes from rocks and animals that used to live millenia ago. They are gone now however, but this place used to be full of life at the beginning of our lives, you know what changed that, killed the area.
P: Didn't take you for one of the global warming party.
F: Humans did cause this, they have disrupted the machine, and believe themselves above the consequences that their actions wrought. This is why we do what we do, we kill people because the world cries out in pain and not one of them listens to the true wish of the world. The world for death, the Death of Humanity.
P: Dude, that's crazy, even for you, you're talking about mass genocide, the death of an entire species, what about your family, people you cared about.
F: I have no family and neither do you, if you turned up to your house now as you are they would be scared of you and, possibly, try to kill you. Humans have performed genocide of countless species, for sport, gluttony or just for the 'hell of it'.

*A hum almost a roar came up like from a great distance, the dunes also shifted*

P: What the hell was that.
F: The sands crying out for water, remembering a time when water flowed down there slopes, now only the sand pours like the water hoping it will do some good, you can see the world calls out in pain as it dies.
P: But then you'd have to die, me and you, and everyone, proxy and runner and innocent.
F: There are no innocents, they all choose to live this life, besides I've been dead for a long time now, and you became dead as soon as you came with me. You have no hope of a life outside of this, this is our purpose, we must perform it, to keep the machine ticking over, to maintain balance.
P: But...
F: We better get  moving you'll probably faint if you stay out here any longer.

We appear back in a London full of rain, we find a place that Fade obviously stays at sometimes, I can tell from the knives on the wall, and the blood soaked rags by the fire next to the suits.

F: Okay *He says with a flamboyant twirl and putting the hat he was wearing on a stand* Lets get started.

The room dissolved and I appeared in a road in as a city devoid of life and sound, only Fade stood in front of me, when suddenly he peeled away into a million pieces I was left alone, I heard Fade whisper, "Fight this". I started running trying doors and cars, until I heard the hiss fizz of a lighter behind me, Fade was there with a cigarette hanging limply form his lips as he smiled. "Running won't save you", he said as the cigarette flared and he disappeared into smoke, I closed my eyes trying to tell myself this was just one of his tricks. "Oh now would I resort to such lows", I smelt the smoke as he lent down to my ear, I opened my eyes and he was hanging upside down in mid air, "Boo". I ran again, but when I ran round one corner Fade clothes-lined me, "Oh sorry let me help you  up" he took my hand and threw me 20 feet in the air, all I could think was impossible, then he appeared to float in the air as I rose and rose. When I came back to his level he grabbed me by the throat, his cigarette still lazily flaring between his lips, he squeezed, I went light headed, it all went black, I came to in the room.

P: The fuck was that!?
F: A dream *He said lighting another cigarette*
P: It felt pretty real.
F: That's the point, that is how they get you sometimes, you need to know how to fight in a dream, because they will,  I could have kept you there forever, and tortured in ways so unimaginable my mind tries to forget them. You need to learn how to change the physics to suit your needs, so that you can win, he said holding what seemed like a flame in his head.
P: Can't you just do something normal for once.

He smiles with the cigarette in his teeth,

F: Now what fun would that be.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 63: The doctor is in

The title may give this away but it doesn't involve only that element of the world of which I am now a resident. This day actually started with Fade appearing out of nowhere like he usually does after long absences, and telling me to wake up, not really showing any care if I did or didn't. You see Fade generally just leaves me alone most of the time whilst he..... 'works', this time when he appeared we went to do training, fighting training, now I didn't have many fights whilst I was in primary school, or secondary school for that fact, I mostly hung out in the woods behind and slunk off to do other more, interesting things. Fade somehow did not deem this suitable for my current situation, with his only indication we were starting being throwing a fist at my face, I ducked just in time, or so I thought I felt my neck being dragged upwards and an arm compressing my airways, and a thin line of cold just below that. You're dead, was what he said and continued to come at me, I think, THINK don't hit me daddy, I got a hit on him but it didn't seem to affect him, and he just planted me on my arse, again -_-. He taught me how to jab, do a right and left cross, throw a decent right hook, he still beat my arse all the way to the end of the day though.

F: Well, you got better as we went on. I think you deserve an Ice cream.
P: Ice cream? You're training me to kill people and we're getting Ice cream?
F: Yes, is that odd?
P: No, no, no, people are usually more somber or serious when it's a matter of life or death.
F: Someone else's, not your's, do you want Ice cream or not, if you continue to be a whiny child you won't get any.
P: Besides the point it's Fucking Freezing 'cause of the snow, how can you do something as normal as get ice cream when you're being chased by these... Things..
F: Fears.
P: These Fears, who can just pick you up and kill you anytime they like.
F: I swear you were much more laid back about this a few days ago, the Fears aren't as omnipotent as you seem to believe, true they are powerful embodiments of what we fear most, but that is where their main power comes from. Servants die because they fear their masters. One second. *he vanishes coming back kicking up some snow as he does so, with an Ice cream* They alter their lives and mannerisms to please them, out of fear, so when they do eventually displease them the servant is already doomed.
P: Well we weren't doing something as normal as Ice cream then, why aren't you more cautious?
F: Why? They've tried to kill me many times, yet here I still am, I still can't remember my previous life, or lives, all I have is knowledge. I don't know if the man I was before liked chocolate Ice cream *lifting the ice cream to indicate*, or preferred mint. I don't know if he was kind or cruel, all I know is that I, am alive and that I won't be worrying about being plucked out just yet.
P: What about other people?
F: Other people aren't me, if it suits me to kill them I will.
P: It would have suited you to kill Sarah, why didn't you?
F: You asked me not to, my life would not be enriched nor diminished by killing her, it's not like she has a chance to kill me, what can she do that the fears can't?
P: I guess so... just one more question..
F: Ok, what?
P: Who's he?

*Fade turns to look where I'm pointing, but the disinterested look on his face remains the same*

F: He... is the plague Doctor, now mind your manners and don't speak unless spoken to, understood?
P: Yes.
F: Good boy, have a cookie.
* Hand me a chocolate cookie from his pocket*

We walk over and Fade starts talking, having a one sided discussion with a silent person.

F: Hello Doc, seems I forgot my apple today. *HE said with a cocky grin*
F: Oh is that so, unfortunately if you talk to Slender wits I'm not letting this one go.
F: Ohhhh, no need for that language, I didn't even know you could swear like that, I feel dirty.
F: You want me to be serious, oh Doc you know I can't be that way, you lot made sure of that a long time ago.
F: Killing me? Yeah that might work, you could all have a go at the same time, that's if you could stand each others presence for longer than 2 minutes.
F: Why do you want him for that anyway, he's just a normal human nothing special, he'll probably end up like all the others.
F: Which one's? The Dead ones of course, he's not your's he's mine, I laid claim on him months ago, or do you wanna talk to your 'little' brother about it?
F: You can have him when I'm done with him, don't worry when the plans done you can have him, I thought that was common knowledge?
P: Don't I get a say in this, I'm assuming you're talking about my life.

*Fade grabs me by the throat and lifts me up so that my toes are barely touching the floor, his eyes were fierce and cold*
F: I said be quiet didn't I?
P: Sorry.... I forgot.
*He squeezed harder*
F: Sorry?
*I nod and he lets go*
F: Well he's gone now anyway, sorry I had to do that Doctors orders *He said, all traces of murder gone from his face*
P: SO that ice cream yeah?
F: I knew you'd want one.
He said taking the last bite of his own, smiling.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 60: Two months?

How did this all change in two months, that short time ago I was more worried about getting money, or a job, not about staying alive. I didn't think anyone would be dying soon, I was thinking how much I loved Sarah, how maybe I'd change my life for her. But that was another life, two months seems to change a man.

HE changed me most this week.

I went to see Sarah to try and convince her to come with me, there is nothing she will gain if she stays here. I went during the night in foresight probably not the best time, but I was afraid of the response if people saw me out in the day, I am suppose to be dead after all. I started by knocking at her window, she must have heard me, must have refused to turn round thinking I might be that creepy face guy. Again looking back I might not have made the best choice by having Fade teleport me in there and touching her on the shoulder asking if she was awake, she screamed so loudly.

Luckily Fade put up some sort of 'field' around us so no noise could get out,I have to admit this guy does come in handy. I tried to talk to her, but when she saw Fade she flipped out, thankfully he was able to convince her it was a dream, quite a silver tongue on him.

I tried to take her with me but she refused, saying I was evil for following Fade at all, he just sat reclining on her desk chair, one leg draped over the armrest inspecting a rubix's cube, apparently not listening but piping up.

F: She's a proxy now, sorry.
P: What?
F: For tall dark and faceless, she longed for the scent of the forest, the scent that clings for me, she looked for him and found him.
P: No.....
S: You seriously don't believe him, do you?
P: She's right, why would she?
F: Because she's human, she fears death, how else do you conquer it unless you join it. She heard I was powerful and tried to be like me.
S: Baka, you can't believe him over me what proof does he have empty words, what proof do you have?
*Fade gets up with a smug grin on his face, he walked over to her and tore the back of her shirt, I saw a circle with an x in the center of it, she screamed, I went to punch him he just kicked me in the stomach and threw me on the chair*
P: What the hell are you doing?
F: Proof (He said with a distinct lack of ceremony)
P: Given it's weird but people can have tattoos.
F: (He sigh like he exasperated) It's the symbol of The Slender Man, The Dark Gentleman, Tree man, the Tall man, Timor Lignum Homo, Pre 01. It is called the operator symbol. (He gives me Sarah's laptop, and tells me to type it in, he never truly takes Sarah out of his sights, though I doubt he would need to)
P: There's a file on here, it has my name on it, and everything, an my date of death.
F: She's be spying on you, it seems my old master wants to interfere with my new play thing, I really should buy a new suit and lose the leaf smell, but I just can't bring myself to so it.
P: (I Turn to her) Is it true?
S: (Her manner changes like she's dropping an act)  Fine, no use pretending anymore, yes I am a servant of father ...
F: That's what they call Tall, dark and nutless.
S: You, and this former Muse have been assigned as my first target, if I can kill you two then I shall be free from death, no monsters shall come for me....
F: Yes, but I think you forgot one monster...
S: Who
F: (HE takes on a maniacs smile, and pulls a knife from his pocket) Well me of course.
* He rushes towards her, she's scrambling for something, a gun, time slows down I see her pull he trigger I see Fade crouch before it goes off him sweeping the gun into a wide arc, about to drive the knife to the left armpit.... I heard something, it sounded like my voice but coming from outside me*
P: Stop
*Fade looks back slightly disappointed taking the Gun off Sarah*
F: You know she won't stop until she kills you right?
P: No she won't.
F: Ah but who says I will always be there.
P: The Clock Man

Weirdly no one noticed oh Fade is so very good.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 54: Why

I haven't posted much because, because Fade made me choose didn't tell me what I was choosing just to choose. It's taken me 5 days to find somewhere to type this and post, been 5 days since they had to suffer.

Soon after I had published the post, Fade came back

F: You know what? I just can't contain myself, choose.
P: Choose what?
F: To stay, or Run
P: No I can't not to Sarah or my family.
F: You think their safe here, with you, Choose.
P: ..... Run.
F: Good, Take the girl or leave her.
P: Wha..
F: No questions from you just answer.
P: Take her
F: Tonight or Tomorrow?
P: Tomorrow.
F: Unfortunately that one is out of your hands  already due to one of the choices you already made, see if you stayed this would have been later, but now your little brother is currently falling from a very altitudious position, and when he's discovered missing tomorrow morning, the will be his blood on your carpet *HE takes a syringe and squirts quite a bit of blood over my room* NOw that's a devil t get out.
P: No don't kill my brother.
F: I didn't you did with your choices you wanted to leave your family so they'd be safe, your brother shall be safe on the ground in a bout 2 minutes.
P: Please, I'll do what ever you want. just don't kill my brother.
*He stands there for what seemed an eternity as the clock ticked I saw the second hand coming close to marking the end of the two minutes and he disappeared* (I Felt so much relief at that moment, then Fade came back with my brother asleep in his arms)
F: You said whatever I want.
P: Yes.
F: I want you to kill someone.
P: Why?
F: Why Not?
P: But you've got to have a reason.
F: Well paradoxically it does to show that now everything is permitted, there are no police to help you, no authority to admonish you. This is to show you there doesn't need to be a reason or a care when it comes to life or death.
P: W...Who?
F: You remember your friend Steve right?
P: He's already dead.
F: Oh that's what they want you to believe, he is currently the servant of another being higher than the ticking man, on level with his master.
P: Why?
F: I'll give you a little incentive if you don't kill him, I will extremely slowly and extremely painfully.
P: ok
F: Good, Here's a door, on the other side is your friend and here, here is a knife, got start you off somewhere.
*Another door appears, I open it, there's a dark room, with whispers in it, I can't see anything, possibly seeing my anxiousness Fade kicks me square in the back into the room, closing the door behind me.*

I couldn't see anything, all I could do is heat and feel, I walked as I normally would, I heard a growl in the distance, Steve wasn't in there, Fade just put me in here with a beast so I would die. I listened I heard heavy foot falls, and something sniffing the air, I also heard something like the claws of something light skimming across the floor, and I swear I saw two glowing orbs but they vanished as soon as I saw them. I continued walking, it was the only thing I could so, I started calling Steve's name, in the hope he was still alive and we could escape. I heard the scratching again of claws but they were closer. This happened for 10 minutes I guess just silence and then the scratching closer and the orbs hanging in the air. Until I felt something Touch my shoulder, I turned around and stabbed at it, this was when the light came in all I saw was Steve with a knife in his chest, with a sort of dim incomprehension, then he coughed and choked a bit on blood, he just stared at me, until he fell.

I heard the footsteps behind me, turned around to see Fade,

F: See wasn't that hard, you didn't hesitate for a second.
P: I thought he was going to kill me
F: People are always trying to kill you. As you know by now you are mine, I will destroy you, one emotion at a time, sever every human connection with whatever instrument I deem fit. In the you will thank me, and my destruction of you will be complete. This is the torture, you know my plan, yet you can't change it, you can't go home knowing you killed your friend. You may return to the human world, I shall see you eventually, possibly at your funeral.
P: My... (I didn't get very far he broke my neck but I was still alive, I watched family members pass and mourn, I heard the earth pile on top of the coffin, I heard the cries of my mother as I was lowered in. When what I guess night came, Fade seemed to appear right on top of me)
F: Very cosy isn't it?
F: Oh right you can't talk. Just give, me a second to get us out of this, I think my suit would be ruined by staying under ground too long.

(He took me out the grave and fixed my neck, letting me go free like a whale, he said, I'm alone he gave me choices just to taunt me that I had none, I would kill myself but I'm a coward so I can't)

Friday, 11 January 2013


That can't be all it is, what why isn't it there, why is it not in the FUCKING CUPBOARD!

I broke down the door today, borrowed a sledge hammer from my friend who does some construction work found that the door still hadn't been opened, but the nightmares still came, the ticking just got louder, and Louder, And Louder AND FUCKING LOUDER!

I broke the door down ready for whatever fucking demon was behind it I broke the lock, the hinges pulled the door off, you know what I see...... not a fucking clockwork man, but a grandfather clock. What the fuck, I still have no bleeding answers to my bloody question, the bleeding cunt is messing with me you see, this is part of his plan, to make me go insane, Manic thinks he's smart making me go like this, with this clock I found a not, a sticky note written on it were the words, tick tock goes the clock, and slowly comes my master.

I almost smashed the clock with the sledge hammer but I blacked out before I could do it, it stood there ominously. I hadn't felt it before but the clock gave me a weird feeling like I should be running. Like I should be afraid, that it shouldn't be there. The ticking got louder, and louder, I swear I could hear gears turning and grinding against each other.

When suddenly it stopped, I turned around and saw Fade, Manic... Whatever, standing in my door way
"Nice clock" He said with a smug grin on his face as he took a bit out of an apple.
P: Why Me.....
F: Why not, although Why has always been a favorite question of mine. Why do they hunt, when they should merely pick us up and destroy us. Why do they  take human servants when again they are able to do it all themselves.
P: But why me?
F: You people, so egotistical you think you are so important, apparently I've been informed that I used to fight them, now look at me, I serve them. I was much grater than you ever were all will be. I only rarely asked the question Why me, but the answer was obvious I was to curious, and that kills all felines.
P: But I didn't know about any of this before all the shit started happening, there is no reason I should be being hunted.
F: On the contrary, you were a choice to turn your back on it, and you searched and found, and sealed your own fate. Now there is no escape, only eternity in darkness.
P: I could kill myself, end it now.
F: (Taking another bite from his apple) You could, but you'd fail, and imagine what it would do to poor lonely Sarah, have you not wondered why I haven't killed her.
P: If you lay one Fucking finger on her...
F: Oh calm down, you infant, because that's the plan, my plan, and the best, most terrifying thing about it is you have no clue of what is about to happen to you.
(He takes a final bite of his apple and tosses it to me)
Eat up, and apple a day keeps the bad things away, *Smirking as he turned away and vanished round the corner*

Hmmm, I need a hug