Friday, 7 June 2013

Confrontation with a ghost

Fade has been going on as normal..... that's it, that's the strange thing I want to say he has become depressed or gone insane but he is just the same. He saves a child's life and he just act as if that's normal... actually? Is this normal, for him? I swear he vanished. Quite literally out of existence, yet here he is more than a month later and he's normal, during that time everything he's planned seems to have gone to shit. He's also taken to not talking, well to me at least, so it means I've started talking to someone who's turned up recently.... another proxy..... Sarah.

I know for those of you reading this it seems ridiculous, the woman tried to kill me, I know but she said she's sound a new deal with a new abomination and since she isn't contractually obligated to kill me that she would come find me. I actually asked her why she risked facing Fade who probably wouldn't take to kindly to her being in his house, especially after she tried to kill him and me. AS if sensing us talking about him Fade came outside, Sarah said with a weird little smile "oh, that's been taken care of hasn't it?" this led to Fade staring at her with obvious distrust but he didn't make any movement that what she said was untrue, this is why I've been talking with Sarah. Since Fade's grown as distant as he used to be and Malice is called back more often to his abomination since Fade's plan fell apart.

Well that's it for today not much to report.