Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Holiday over

A week ago Fade was approached by an individual that some might call, important in proxy circles, according to Fade he's the one in charge of most proxies in the greater London area. For this let me paint you a word picture, it was a sunny afternoon and Fade was trying to stay cool among the oppressive heat beating down on every house and every surface, he's even managed not to kill anyone the past months, he's just sending me out to do a few stalkings and intimidations but nothing major. This particular evening I was getting back from a stalking when I found Fade sat across the table from a particularly scarred man possibly about 50-60, though you may think Fade looks 30 not 21 so any guess I make could be useless. When they noticed my presence Fade stood up and spoke with his cigarette still in his mouth;

F: This is my protegee, so please don't be to malevolent around him, This is Pete MI Ice ,little wet around the ears but he's got promise. Now Pete this is a very important and ruthless proxy, this man is Tiberius, just Tiberius, he thinks himself above second names, he has something very important to tell us.
T: Fade must attend the council in 2 weeks, all the important leaders....
F: Start from the beginning or all chances of me comings will vanish.
T: A war has started in the north, hundreds of proxies are already dead from the fighting of the northern borders, we don't know who exactly is declaring war on whom yet but this meeting will decide if it is a petty fight over territory or something more troublesome *He turns and lays weary eyes on a smirking Fade*. We need the Muse here because he is one of the strongest in the greater
London Area and in the UK, they will listen to him.
F: Oh you know that's not the reason you want me, you think I'm the one inciting all the violence, would you believe it if I told you I'm not starting any wars right now?
T: I'll believe that when your body is so dead it can't even twitch anymore, but this is above your head the Scottish contingents are nervous about so many proxies amassed around their borders and you know how hard it is to frighten them.
F: In all honesty no. *Again flashing a cheeky smile*
T: Well they aren't easily frightened, we need you at the council if only for you to take the piss of us being paranoid, if we are then your insults might rest us at ease. Though I can't trust you, the only person around here that wants the world to change, is you.

Bring your pet if you want but come, the faceless court in 2 weeks, it may decide the fate of us all.

* with that he stood us walked behind a wall and disappeared*

P: Are we going?
F: Of course we are it's going to be a lot of fun. *His mischievous smirk growing wider*

The meeting is this weekend god help us.