Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 63: The doctor is in

The title may give this away but it doesn't involve only that element of the world of which I am now a resident. This day actually started with Fade appearing out of nowhere like he usually does after long absences, and telling me to wake up, not really showing any care if I did or didn't. You see Fade generally just leaves me alone most of the time whilst he..... 'works', this time when he appeared we went to do training, fighting training, now I didn't have many fights whilst I was in primary school, or secondary school for that fact, I mostly hung out in the woods behind and slunk off to do other more, interesting things. Fade somehow did not deem this suitable for my current situation, with his only indication we were starting being throwing a fist at my face, I ducked just in time, or so I thought I felt my neck being dragged upwards and an arm compressing my airways, and a thin line of cold just below that. You're dead, was what he said and continued to come at me, I think, THINK don't hit me daddy, I got a hit on him but it didn't seem to affect him, and he just planted me on my arse, again -_-. He taught me how to jab, do a right and left cross, throw a decent right hook, he still beat my arse all the way to the end of the day though.

F: Well, you got better as we went on. I think you deserve an Ice cream.
P: Ice cream? You're training me to kill people and we're getting Ice cream?
F: Yes, is that odd?
P: No, no, no, people are usually more somber or serious when it's a matter of life or death.
F: Someone else's, not your's, do you want Ice cream or not, if you continue to be a whiny child you won't get any.
P: Besides the point it's Fucking Freezing 'cause of the snow, how can you do something as normal as get ice cream when you're being chased by these... Things..
F: Fears.
P: These Fears, who can just pick you up and kill you anytime they like.
F: I swear you were much more laid back about this a few days ago, the Fears aren't as omnipotent as you seem to believe, true they are powerful embodiments of what we fear most, but that is where their main power comes from. Servants die because they fear their masters. One second. *he vanishes coming back kicking up some snow as he does so, with an Ice cream* They alter their lives and mannerisms to please them, out of fear, so when they do eventually displease them the servant is already doomed.
P: Well we weren't doing something as normal as Ice cream then, why aren't you more cautious?
F: Why? They've tried to kill me many times, yet here I still am, I still can't remember my previous life, or lives, all I have is knowledge. I don't know if the man I was before liked chocolate Ice cream *lifting the ice cream to indicate*, or preferred mint. I don't know if he was kind or cruel, all I know is that I, am alive and that I won't be worrying about being plucked out just yet.
P: What about other people?
F: Other people aren't me, if it suits me to kill them I will.
P: It would have suited you to kill Sarah, why didn't you?
F: You asked me not to, my life would not be enriched nor diminished by killing her, it's not like she has a chance to kill me, what can she do that the fears can't?
P: I guess so... just one more question..
F: Ok, what?
P: Who's he?

*Fade turns to look where I'm pointing, but the disinterested look on his face remains the same*

F: He... is the plague Doctor, now mind your manners and don't speak unless spoken to, understood?
P: Yes.
F: Good boy, have a cookie.
* Hand me a chocolate cookie from his pocket*

We walk over and Fade starts talking, having a one sided discussion with a silent person.

F: Hello Doc, seems I forgot my apple today. *HE said with a cocky grin*
F: Oh is that so, unfortunately if you talk to Slender wits I'm not letting this one go.
F: Ohhhh, no need for that language, I didn't even know you could swear like that, I feel dirty.
F: You want me to be serious, oh Doc you know I can't be that way, you lot made sure of that a long time ago.
F: Killing me? Yeah that might work, you could all have a go at the same time, that's if you could stand each others presence for longer than 2 minutes.
F: Why do you want him for that anyway, he's just a normal human nothing special, he'll probably end up like all the others.
F: Which one's? The Dead ones of course, he's not your's he's mine, I laid claim on him months ago, or do you wanna talk to your 'little' brother about it?
F: You can have him when I'm done with him, don't worry when the plans done you can have him, I thought that was common knowledge?
P: Don't I get a say in this, I'm assuming you're talking about my life.

*Fade grabs me by the throat and lifts me up so that my toes are barely touching the floor, his eyes were fierce and cold*
F: I said be quiet didn't I?
P: Sorry.... I forgot.
*He squeezed harder*
F: Sorry?
*I nod and he lets go*
F: Well he's gone now anyway, sorry I had to do that Doctors orders *He said, all traces of murder gone from his face*
P: SO that ice cream yeah?
F: I knew you'd want one.
He said taking the last bite of his own, smiling.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 60: Two months?

How did this all change in two months, that short time ago I was more worried about getting money, or a job, not about staying alive. I didn't think anyone would be dying soon, I was thinking how much I loved Sarah, how maybe I'd change my life for her. But that was another life, two months seems to change a man.

HE changed me most this week.

I went to see Sarah to try and convince her to come with me, there is nothing she will gain if she stays here. I went during the night in foresight probably not the best time, but I was afraid of the response if people saw me out in the day, I am suppose to be dead after all. I started by knocking at her window, she must have heard me, must have refused to turn round thinking I might be that creepy face guy. Again looking back I might not have made the best choice by having Fade teleport me in there and touching her on the shoulder asking if she was awake, she screamed so loudly.

Luckily Fade put up some sort of 'field' around us so no noise could get out,I have to admit this guy does come in handy. I tried to talk to her, but when she saw Fade she flipped out, thankfully he was able to convince her it was a dream, quite a silver tongue on him.

I tried to take her with me but she refused, saying I was evil for following Fade at all, he just sat reclining on her desk chair, one leg draped over the armrest inspecting a rubix's cube, apparently not listening but piping up.

F: She's a proxy now, sorry.
P: What?
F: For tall dark and faceless, she longed for the scent of the forest, the scent that clings for me, she looked for him and found him.
P: No.....
S: You seriously don't believe him, do you?
P: She's right, why would she?
F: Because she's human, she fears death, how else do you conquer it unless you join it. She heard I was powerful and tried to be like me.
S: Baka, you can't believe him over me what proof does he have empty words, what proof do you have?
*Fade gets up with a smug grin on his face, he walked over to her and tore the back of her shirt, I saw a circle with an x in the center of it, she screamed, I went to punch him he just kicked me in the stomach and threw me on the chair*
P: What the hell are you doing?
F: Proof (He said with a distinct lack of ceremony)
P: Given it's weird but people can have tattoos.
F: (He sigh like he exasperated) It's the symbol of The Slender Man, The Dark Gentleman, Tree man, the Tall man, Timor Lignum Homo, Pre 01. It is called the operator symbol. (He gives me Sarah's laptop, and tells me to type it in, he never truly takes Sarah out of his sights, though I doubt he would need to)
P: There's a file on here, it has my name on it, and everything, an my date of death.
F: She's be spying on you, it seems my old master wants to interfere with my new play thing, I really should buy a new suit and lose the leaf smell, but I just can't bring myself to so it.
P: (I Turn to her) Is it true?
S: (Her manner changes like she's dropping an act)  Fine, no use pretending anymore, yes I am a servant of father ...
F: That's what they call Tall, dark and nutless.
S: You, and this former Muse have been assigned as my first target, if I can kill you two then I shall be free from death, no monsters shall come for me....
F: Yes, but I think you forgot one monster...
S: Who
F: (HE takes on a maniacs smile, and pulls a knife from his pocket) Well me of course.
* He rushes towards her, she's scrambling for something, a gun, time slows down I see her pull he trigger I see Fade crouch before it goes off him sweeping the gun into a wide arc, about to drive the knife to the left armpit.... I heard something, it sounded like my voice but coming from outside me*
P: Stop
*Fade looks back slightly disappointed taking the Gun off Sarah*
F: You know she won't stop until she kills you right?
P: No she won't.
F: Ah but who says I will always be there.
P: The Clock Man

Weirdly no one noticed oh Fade is so very good.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 54: Why

I haven't posted much because, because Fade made me choose didn't tell me what I was choosing just to choose. It's taken me 5 days to find somewhere to type this and post, been 5 days since they had to suffer.

Soon after I had published the post, Fade came back

F: You know what? I just can't contain myself, choose.
P: Choose what?
F: To stay, or Run
P: No I can't not to Sarah or my family.
F: You think their safe here, with you, Choose.
P: ..... Run.
F: Good, Take the girl or leave her.
P: Wha..
F: No questions from you just answer.
P: Take her
F: Tonight or Tomorrow?
P: Tomorrow.
F: Unfortunately that one is out of your hands  already due to one of the choices you already made, see if you stayed this would have been later, but now your little brother is currently falling from a very altitudious position, and when he's discovered missing tomorrow morning, the will be his blood on your carpet *HE takes a syringe and squirts quite a bit of blood over my room* NOw that's a devil t get out.
P: No don't kill my brother.
F: I didn't you did with your choices you wanted to leave your family so they'd be safe, your brother shall be safe on the ground in a bout 2 minutes.
P: Please, I'll do what ever you want. just don't kill my brother.
*He stands there for what seemed an eternity as the clock ticked I saw the second hand coming close to marking the end of the two minutes and he disappeared* (I Felt so much relief at that moment, then Fade came back with my brother asleep in his arms)
F: You said whatever I want.
P: Yes.
F: I want you to kill someone.
P: Why?
F: Why Not?
P: But you've got to have a reason.
F: Well paradoxically it does to show that now everything is permitted, there are no police to help you, no authority to admonish you. This is to show you there doesn't need to be a reason or a care when it comes to life or death.
P: W...Who?
F: You remember your friend Steve right?
P: He's already dead.
F: Oh that's what they want you to believe, he is currently the servant of another being higher than the ticking man, on level with his master.
P: Why?
F: I'll give you a little incentive if you don't kill him, I will extremely slowly and extremely painfully.
P: ok
F: Good, Here's a door, on the other side is your friend and here, here is a knife, got start you off somewhere.
*Another door appears, I open it, there's a dark room, with whispers in it, I can't see anything, possibly seeing my anxiousness Fade kicks me square in the back into the room, closing the door behind me.*

I couldn't see anything, all I could do is heat and feel, I walked as I normally would, I heard a growl in the distance, Steve wasn't in there, Fade just put me in here with a beast so I would die. I listened I heard heavy foot falls, and something sniffing the air, I also heard something like the claws of something light skimming across the floor, and I swear I saw two glowing orbs but they vanished as soon as I saw them. I continued walking, it was the only thing I could so, I started calling Steve's name, in the hope he was still alive and we could escape. I heard the scratching again of claws but they were closer. This happened for 10 minutes I guess just silence and then the scratching closer and the orbs hanging in the air. Until I felt something Touch my shoulder, I turned around and stabbed at it, this was when the light came in all I saw was Steve with a knife in his chest, with a sort of dim incomprehension, then he coughed and choked a bit on blood, he just stared at me, until he fell.

I heard the footsteps behind me, turned around to see Fade,

F: See wasn't that hard, you didn't hesitate for a second.
P: I thought he was going to kill me
F: People are always trying to kill you. As you know by now you are mine, I will destroy you, one emotion at a time, sever every human connection with whatever instrument I deem fit. In the you will thank me, and my destruction of you will be complete. This is the torture, you know my plan, yet you can't change it, you can't go home knowing you killed your friend. You may return to the human world, I shall see you eventually, possibly at your funeral.
P: My... (I didn't get very far he broke my neck but I was still alive, I watched family members pass and mourn, I heard the earth pile on top of the coffin, I heard the cries of my mother as I was lowered in. When what I guess night came, Fade seemed to appear right on top of me)
F: Very cosy isn't it?
F: Oh right you can't talk. Just give, me a second to get us out of this, I think my suit would be ruined by staying under ground too long.

(He took me out the grave and fixed my neck, letting me go free like a whale, he said, I'm alone he gave me choices just to taunt me that I had none, I would kill myself but I'm a coward so I can't)

Friday, 11 January 2013


That can't be all it is, what why isn't it there, why is it not in the FUCKING CUPBOARD!

I broke down the door today, borrowed a sledge hammer from my friend who does some construction work found that the door still hadn't been opened, but the nightmares still came, the ticking just got louder, and Louder, And Louder AND FUCKING LOUDER!

I broke the door down ready for whatever fucking demon was behind it I broke the lock, the hinges pulled the door off, you know what I see...... not a fucking clockwork man, but a grandfather clock. What the fuck, I still have no bleeding answers to my bloody question, the bleeding cunt is messing with me you see, this is part of his plan, to make me go insane, Manic thinks he's smart making me go like this, with this clock I found a not, a sticky note written on it were the words, tick tock goes the clock, and slowly comes my master.

I almost smashed the clock with the sledge hammer but I blacked out before I could do it, it stood there ominously. I hadn't felt it before but the clock gave me a weird feeling like I should be running. Like I should be afraid, that it shouldn't be there. The ticking got louder, and louder, I swear I could hear gears turning and grinding against each other.

When suddenly it stopped, I turned around and saw Fade, Manic... Whatever, standing in my door way
"Nice clock" He said with a smug grin on his face as he took a bit out of an apple.
P: Why Me.....
F: Why not, although Why has always been a favorite question of mine. Why do they hunt, when they should merely pick us up and destroy us. Why do they  take human servants when again they are able to do it all themselves.
P: But why me?
F: You people, so egotistical you think you are so important, apparently I've been informed that I used to fight them, now look at me, I serve them. I was much grater than you ever were all will be. I only rarely asked the question Why me, but the answer was obvious I was to curious, and that kills all felines.
P: But I didn't know about any of this before all the shit started happening, there is no reason I should be being hunted.
F: On the contrary, you were a choice to turn your back on it, and you searched and found, and sealed your own fate. Now there is no escape, only eternity in darkness.
P: I could kill myself, end it now.
F: (Taking another bite from his apple) You could, but you'd fail, and imagine what it would do to poor lonely Sarah, have you not wondered why I haven't killed her.
P: If you lay one Fucking finger on her...
F: Oh calm down, you infant, because that's the plan, my plan, and the best, most terrifying thing about it is you have no clue of what is about to happen to you.
(He takes a final bite of his apple and tosses it to me)
Eat up, and apple a day keeps the bad things away, *Smirking as he turned away and vanished round the corner*

Hmmm, I need a hug

Sunday, 6 January 2013

day 44; Final contact

That woman sent an email to me, I didn't send her that message because I didn't think it would get any response since it was given to me by a crazy person.

But I got an e mail from her:


Here's the video, but don't expect more, this is the last thing I'll do, for him.

Pete- Kat:

Thank you

I watched the video, I.......... I didn't know what to think, what to do just..... watched.

The man sitting in the chair, the man speaking the man,

Was Manic, was the man, the man, chasing me.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day 39: A Creepy Visitor

You know that guy I've been seeing, the creepy on that looks like a zombie, yeah that one. Well I was sitting in my room as one does when they're contemplating leaving their entire world behind, I think my main mistake was being alone in the house, I was sitting in my desk chair when I heard knocking on the door, I looked around and nearly fell out of my fucking seat and I yelled, he appeared alot more lucid than last time.

Guy: Well that's your problem there ( He said tapping the locked door, which still has masking tape on it)
P: Ho.... How did you get in here?
G: Don't be afraid I haven't come to hurt you..... well not yet at least and when you're going against these *he thought for a second and said with a slight inflection* 'things, is it really a surprise a servant can get in without trouble?
P: Bu...but, why are you after me?
G: because, you have been chosen and your time runs short, so you must be........ balanced.
P: B.... b...balanced?
G: Please stop stuttering it really is getting on my nerves *He took out a cigarette and lit it* When there is a living person who shouldn't be so, order must be acquired, by  taking out the negative element, you, and leading you to your proper state.
P: And what's that?
G: Are you stupid aswell as cowardly, the opposite state to life is death, any 6 year old could tell you that. Bleeding deadface can't even think for themselves.
P: Deadface?
G: Not important, the important thing is that I've taken time to give you some advice, because in truth I don't want to kill you, last thing I want, but you being stupid won't help. Your friend was taken by a fear, yes, am I going to tell you, no, in this circumstance ignorance is bliss *He chuckles a little*. And although I cannot tell you about our mutual friend I can give you something to tell that woman, something I haven't been able to get out of my head, maybe it's something from the time before?
P: What time before?
G: Please do not interrupt. Tell the woman, 'sometimes even gingerbread men must stop running, when all the foxes are dead'
P: How is that important, how does that help me?
G: I don't know, I just know to tell you it, it's important there are thing I can't tell you, that she can. But I'm afraid my little white rabbit my we are out of time. You must venture into wonderland alone for a while, try to keep your girlfriend safe....  if you can.

And as soon as he had appeared he was gone, leaving only the smell of the cigarette and of dead leaves.