Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Last Song and Bell of the Clock

Hey, long time, long time... Pete here, not Manic that man who never knew when to stop egging stuff up, the man who always played it off as if he had a plan... atleast he used to be. It must be somewhat nearing on a year since the last post went up from, I think, Manic. Is that how little time has passed, huh, that’s a funny thing ask me then where we would be now I probably would have said fine alive, living in safety after Manic’s master plan came to fruition, that’s just how funny life is. If you haven’t guessed yet Manic is dead, saw it myself stabbed in the chest by some no face proxy or other, his body got shredded and burned just to make sure. How I hear you cry the answer seems to be very simple, it seems that Manic’s accelerated healing ability had an unforeseen and very mortal side effect. This side effect being that the cells of Manic’s body multiplied out of control, replacing those that suffered from slightest damage, the smoking didn’t help, he had cancer…. seems one of the few things he couldn’t protect himself was well himself, very cliché and droll, it almost makes it seem like a poorly written tragedy. Sirus was the only one who seemed to know this, he and his brother had been meeting late at night during our stay at Manic’s old home must have been talking about the possibility that Manic would die and leave his family sad and in pieces, well he did it seems he got so bad he couldn’t even heal anymore, his system was so clogged up and damaged that he just laid on the ground and slowly bled to death, the mighty raucous death of a great meddler.

The war he planned also went that way, though the surprise of an alliance of otherwise unassociated less powerful fear servant did shake the plan of the established power. The clash being between those that wished to be free from the Fears’ oppression, or the few drones and such which sought to increase their own position of power in whatever game those monsters play, maybe they just did it for fun, I don’t know. The ‘War’ lasted perhaps 8 months, Manic’s death basically signalled the end, even his sponsor the ticking man helped him in his predicament, nowhere to be seen he just left the one waged his war died, very Fear like attitude, after that the hive minds left only the dying shards trying to spread as best they could before they too grew bored. The last left being Manic’s core group and those who had openly rebelled against their faction and Death was imminent, the last month being a guerrilla tactics attack, with no effect as new recruits were brought to the enemy side. Amongst there were Plague bringers, Slender Proxies, Rake Vessels, and Lamia. We finally retreated for good hiding ourselves in our own bolt holes for what little carnage raged overhead, the independent groups who didn’t wish to give up yet crashed against the Iron walls that stood before them I feel like their screams still echo in the night air as they were stripped for parts, skinned and eaten, probably, alive by all forms of foul abomination.

After Manic died Kat and their son disappeared during one night neither Tom, Aoife, Grey, nor Sirus knew where they had gone all I can hope is that they still survive despite their grief what little time they had as a family seemed to have been precious to all of them. Siren also disappeared probably lost interest after her test subject was pulverised and burned into nothingness, Susan also disappeared, and I never really expected her to stay long regardless in this world I’ve learnt never to try anything to stay the same or to make enough sense to trust. Otherwise the five of us stayed together for a small while Tom, Aoife, and Grey doing more because I guess they felt an obligation to Manic, since he had brought me in to this world and somewhat protected me, Sirus I think did it more out of boredom a lot like his brother would have. However that being said after a few weeks he left aswell, not saying nothing except ‘I’m going this way, see you around’, the others didn’t seem too bothered by it, almost relieved actually, they may have been uncomfortable with the resemblance to Manic. After that our little party ran together for another week until they split aswell after making sure I could do it on my own, they probably didn’t want the runt that Manic dumped on their laps, like his many other strays… though I guess these strays are used to each other. I met the Ticking Man a month ago he offered me a certain deal, it appears that the ticking I heard for Manic was a clockwork heart, oozing with fear power, he offered the power of possibility, I will transcribe as best I can how I remember this conversation went;
Ticking Man: This Deal allows you the possibility to change your fate and escape this accursed world, maybe face the Fears who have control over you, and join me as my right hand in a revolution, a new turning of the cogs.
Pete: I don’t particularly want to barter with a thing that fancies itself a false god or whatever, from what I’ve see from your right hands they’re either crooked or dead, I have no reason to join you I’ll die sooner or later in this world, with you it’d probably be sooner rather than later.
TM: Come now, come now, such pessimism is unbecoming of an upstanding young man such as yourself, do you not atleast wish for a comfortable position in this world that you have rudely been thrust into..
P: By you, you mean?
TM: That is inconsequential, *As he inches forwards and like a snake comes behind my ear and talks his words clicking and rasping almost as a snakes* you may have ended up this way regardless, they were circling before and even more will now due to your association to our dearly departed friend.
P: Again your fault, I again will pass on your offer I like my freedom to atleast having some freedom to how I die.
TM: You may think that, but due to this friend of our transgression the servants will be looking for those close to you, the organisations and entities themselves seemed to have lost balance. And you know what happens when you lose your balance you grab at anything you can, this timed it’s a reason, this time it’s to crush you to restore some balance to show the departed’s protogee subjected to the worst eldritch horrors until his soul and mind are so broken, you can barely be called living and even then they wouldn’t stop and you’d suffer.
*Though I thought it may happen I still felt such existential terror, a terror that reaches my bones my soul, but I tried to put on a brave face*
P: I’m aware my answer is still no, you pile of meccano.
TM: *It snickers in a raspy way* If you say, though even if you have this baseless resolve that’s so weak all can see through it…… will your family feel the same as you that brother, your parents?
P: What?
TM: They will probably take everyone you’ve ever known, every relation, girlfriend, or friend you’ve made, it’s no big task for a Fear, I however can help you if you agree, you can fight with me so they don’t take your loved ones.
P: *I snicker in response* you overestimate my altruism with those in the normal world, I don’t live there and they think I’m dead, I have no place there anyway.
TM: What if I say I can help you can be there again alive and well and you won’t remember anything of hell, what do you think?
P: Lies, firstly, also even…. If I say yes I don’t want to end up like Manic, he didn’t seem too powerful or safe. Though I suppose you won’t leave me alone unless I say yes.
TM: Good, remember to leave hell you must first traverse through it, and death is always a possibility, though with it come the possibility of a free life.
P: How do I know you’re telling the truth?
TM: P E T E M I I C E, my TIMEPIECE would I lie to you.
P: * I turn and smile*, well I know you will, I’ve learnt that death isn’t just a possibility. It’s a certainty.

I Put one of Manic’s cigarettes in my mouth and light it, God they taste awful, atleast it distracts me from the bad taste in my mouth of doing business with this devil, and the feeling in my stomach that I’ve made a very poor choice.

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