Monday, 25 November 2013

Wow It's been two months, it was a long meeting.

You couldn't really tell time in that place, only that it felt like it either went too fast or too slow, though that's over now, not everything that happened there was interesting so I'll try and only put in the interesting parts.

Fade woke me up at 5 O'clock, on the day we were suppose to leave and told Siran to be good and to behave herself, though she only turned and let a little bit of water fall out of her mouth. Taking what little luggage we had we left base camp and popped to a nearby wooded area.

P: Why couldn't we just pop over there like we usually do with this sort of thing, Teleporting isn't very useful if you can't get anywhere with it.
F: When you can displace yourself in existence and pop up in your intended destination then you can complain. However, this place is protected by many things, both natural and.... well you know by now, and as the meeting place of the faceless court it can only be entered by the Path, meaning only strong proxies can get there, this leaves less bickering and casual murders.
P: Then why do we have to do it here I swear I read somewhere you could open it anywhere, you've opened it in the middle of the road once.
F:* Fade looks troubled* I've never done that, I choose here because it's the domain of old faceless, the dark wooded areas, home to stalking nameless things, it's easiest to draw upon his eldritchness and open his path, also it's part of the pomp and ceremony of these things.
P: So...... How do we open it?
F: Well that's easy, *He takes out his knife and flips it in his hand twice* With a flick of my magic wand.
Abra Kadabra.

With that the air around me shook and pulled, as if all of creation was protesting this thing, and as I watched the blade of the knife disappeared, a hole appeared behind it and as Fade pulled the knife to the ground a rip, a scar opened in the remaining space, through it I saw a dead forest, the sky unseen through a thick canopy and the way lit by some bizarre luminescence. There were shadows that danced and prodded at the tear Fade had made.

F: Well better get moving, don't want to be late, don't forget your mask Pete.

With that I put on a plain tube of fabric that took away my features, Fade put on his Muse's mask and checked his hair. Without even stopping he stepped into the void he had created and despite my apprehension I ignored the growing sense of terror, dread and wrongness and followed. Fade and me must have walked for hours surrounded by, not quite darkness, and strange noises until Fade stiffened and chuckled.

F: We're here.
P: And Where is here when it's at home?
F: The Island of Staffa, end of the tourist seasons, still plenty of nice puffins to see though.
P: Staffa?
F: Scotland, one of the islands of the inner hebrides, it's name comes from the old norse for stave, or pillar island as you'll see is fitting very shortly.

Another gash appears, what I see before me is is a dark sky showing an Island unlike any I've seen before, millions of columns seem to burst from the raging surf holding up a great slab of land.

P: W... Who made this?
F: No one did, all natural on the outside, you could say God made it if you were so inclined.
P: Does anyone live here?
F: No one non fear related, the faceless court wouldn't be secure if we had a couple of farmers spying on us all the time. Beside its not even a mile square, all we have to worry about are tourists and they're gone by this time of year, and conditions.
P: Then where do we meet these people, in the cave?
F: No don't be silly.

We appeared on top of the island and Fade pulls up a crude trapdoor, not befitting the occasion, though as we went down a few step we came to a much more grand door, made of marble Fade said, not of the Island's Basalt. He opened it with little effort and even less noise and before me was a massive hall made of White stone and black wood, the wood creeping and filling the spaces between the stone, Hundreds, thousands of Proxies filled the space, most far too laid back to be at such an important occasion. Through this Fade put his hand in between my shoulder blades and led me through to a desk with a woman in a similar mask to mine but a hole through which she could see everything unimpeded.

 F: Fading Muse, head of the London Borough of Barnets Orphanage, head of the Enfield rugby team and avid mischief maker.
Woman at Desk: ... Thank you for that, and him?
F: Pete MI ice, dogs body.
WaD: Thank you, you are in part M room an, Your companions ic, please enjoy the meeting and refrain from murder and harassment, it would not be looked upon kindly.
F: Would it be alright if we got someone to take our bags to our rooms, because as you are aware the meeting is about to start and we don't have time to go down to M part, also I am anticipated.
WaD: Very well, Muse. Door on your right.

We went through the door and found and auditorium filled with masked faces and found a seat in the middle of the stands not too close or too far away. The stragglers came in, hush fell, In the center of the room a man walked in and stood with a microphone and in the voice of Tiberius announced;

T: Let the 102nd meeting of the faceless court take place.

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