Monday, 23 December 2013

Getting busy around christmas time, the meeting part 2

After Tiberius had opened the meeting he went about introducing the topic of the meeting and a few people of note, Fade was actually in it, though towards the end.

Tiberius: We have gathered in a sacred place to discuss the current stresses appearing in the north, on be half of the Scottish Contingent we have the Two brothers, (I forget their names.... I've been told to call them Dee and Dumb), The Welsh contingent sent y Draig goch (Something along that line), myself for the English contingent, with the Fading Muse filling in for the Irish who are low on numbers, currently. Though the Muse is also believe to have some connection to the northern problem.

*I remember Fade having a little smile behind his mask*

This was followed by a few factions discussing certain territories to see if it was an accident of naive proxy that led to the conflict though this fell short of any explanations. Followed by many other tiny quarrels and quibbles, all the time Fade just sitting impassively taking it all in behind both his masks, the literal and his smirking impish face. After 4 hours the meeting was ended for the day, Fade asked me to meet him in the Bar after getting changed into clean clothes. With that he walked off taking out his packet of cigarettes and putting one to his mouth ignoring the protests of another proxy and lit it.

After asking a member who seemed to be helping at the meeting showed me to my room in the cavern and warrens of the island I asked him to wait to show me the way to the bar when I was ready. I left him in the hallway and as I open the door I noticed the room was actually quite spacious and airy, despite the fact it was underground, it was made of the same marble and black knotted wood of the main entrance, the bed was so spacious you could have probably slept 5 people in it, and my bag was at the foot of the bed with a note, which said quite strangely "Enjoy your stay, :)" with a watermarked operator symbol, I didn't expect that. With that I got washed and changed then got the man to show me to the bar, he was very obliging answering my questions, when I posed them apparently he is one of the people in the organisation that handles the money given to them if needs be and he only helps at the meetings as he doesn't have the stomach for murder.

The Bar was very different, the barman for instance had a mask unlike the others I'd seen on the staff, it covered everything below his eyes though his eyes and hair well visible giving him a look that he was sizing you up all the time. The actual room itself seemed to be made entirely of the black wood I seen throughout place, with only the bar being made of anything else, even that being wood though it seemed much more normal than the other wood. I saw people sat in groups in the dark corners, used to being hidden, never in full view even in their own warrens, Fade was sat at the bar with a couple of glasses in front him one almost empty one full. I went up and tapped Fade on the shoulder he asked me what I wanted and got me a beer starting on his full pint, ordering another one for himself whilst he was at it.

Pete: This place is quite different than the rest if the building?
F: So? Can't they have variation.
P: Well if I've learnt anything from hanging with you for this year is that the reasons are ever that simple.
F: True, this is a part of the path of black leaves you saw the trees in the forest we went through to get here, well it holds this place together, this actually meeting place is actually sort of in between two places. Extra security. Say if they wanted to dig on this island one day well if it was normal they would find it in a day though since they can't get in through the path they could did down to bed rock and find nothing.
P: So why is there so much in this room?
F: It's place people come to drink.
P: What does that mean?
F: What do the Fears inspire and bring out of humans, Terror pain, anguish, sadness. The wood that grows here grows strong from taking the misery eating the soul bit by bit until nothing but an emptiness is left. Some people have vanished into the wood work here taken into the wood giving it even more life.
P: So you wanted to come here?
F: It's a bar.
P: Is everything alright Fade you seem a bit out of sorts?
*He ordered another pint as his started on his next*
F: Who am I Pete?
P: Um Fade?
F: Not what I mean, that's the name I've been given though all the memories I have in my head, all those important moments in my past I can remember though I don't really know what they mean.
P: Are you talking about when you were Manic?
F: Ai, a long long time ago he knew who he was, he was even two people, though I don't know what these memories mean to me I see that woman and I see all that's happened between this body and her though I feel nothing for her, for his friends or for his son.
P: Well you are someone, aren't you, you can think for yourself, make your own decisions, that counts for something right.
F: I'm someone without a past, no history, I have no idea who I am what I want to do, what I need to do, I am a ghost of a ghost of a much better man. He knew who he was and what he was doing, I wish I could
leave all of this to him though I can't he's dead, so it's left for me.
*A chair fell over and I saw a man with a collection of scars across his face leave, Fade didn't even turn around*
What would you do if you were me Pete, no past, no future?
P: I don't know you sort of took my future, though I guess there's some freedom now that I didn't have before, free from living a average life, like every other person my age will become, so I'm just trying to live on I'm gonna make a name for myself I'm become do something about the Fears.
F: Tad Optimistic I think, impossible if you ask me, Manic tried very hard to do that and he failed and ended up giving his life to protect those closest to him.
P: Well I'm going to do it.
F: Many stronger, cleverer people have tried, you know where they are now, six feet under in unmarked graves if in graves at all.

*Fade got off his stool and almost fell over*

P: Whay, think it's time to go bed mate, I'll get one of the porters to do it.
F: No i'll be fine.

He walked off into the tunnels into the monochrome warren, I noticed a note in his place I opened it and read "Everyone fears judgement, some just hide better" There was a symbol a circle with a dot in side of it, it was different from the operator symbol, how was I to know.

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