Friday, 3 January 2014

Strange encounters in a cage

 As Fade was taken away and the meeting continued I started to feel a sense of dread and impending doom, I didn’t do anything wrong but the fact that Fade had been taken away, to be honest my get out of jail free card, meaning I was now technically on my own, all alone in the world of the fears with none but Fade’s opponent surrounding me, looking for blood. I wasn’t allowed to see Fade for a few more weeks,notuntil I had proved I knew nothing about Fade's plan, after that, eventually the verdict came down that Fade was to be Hallowed, Cure the problem once and for all. Then something strange happened, I got a message, from Manic’s blog, it was Kat the woman I contacted long ago, it said “Tell Manic we need help.” The next day when I told Fade he seemed indifferent, saying things like ‘I’m not Manic’, ‘They’re not my family’, ‘Why should I’, then the eventual ‘I can’t even if I wanted to. After all that I was getting ready to tell her that Manic was gone for good, and that I was sorry, that I couldn’t help, when a man covered in scars came out from behind one of the black wood columns,
Scarred Man: He’s such a terrible Liar you know, hasn’t ever been able to leave something alone, the war was a nice touch though on his part, though perhaps I should be upset.
P: Sorry who are you?
SM: Just someone who’s known Manic for a long time, well he calls himself Fade now, it was Decay a little while ago, he’s always had a flair for the over dramatic, I guess that part of him never changes, good to know.
P: I’m sorry but unless you have something proper to talk about apart from Fade’s imminent Hallowed procedure then I’ll have to ask you to let me leave, I have something that needs to been done.
*I turn to go and walk away*
SM: Oh yes, telling his wife and child that the man’s mind is about to be completely extracted, and destroyed, because he started a war. What if I told you I could help to avoid a nasty subject?
P: Are you telling me you can help save Fade from this?
SM: I haven’t said anything, I’m saying I can help avoid a very awkward conversation with a man’s wife about his death.
P: Wait, how? This place is essentially a fortress, the only way to escape is through the path and we’d be caught before we got to the end of the hallway.
SM: Lies and untruths, if you don’t believe me, or trust me, tell Kat that there is nothing left of their only hope. Otherwise meet me tomorrow here and we’ll rescue the bastard.

I contemplated what to do for hours at midnight I finally typed into the blank box
“Don’t worry, he’s on the way”

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