Monday, 30 December 2013

part 3

After a few more weeks of arguing amongst each other, disputing territories and old treaties, many of the people who had started with the meeting had left or dropped out, this left the entire compound with a significantly bigger drop in staff and of course the members of the organisation. This also meant I have to accompany Fade on many more of his self-indulgent drinking binge seeing as the few drinking buddies he had acquired also left for more interesting pastures. Eventually there came a day when the big auditorium that had contained hundreds of proxies beforehand grew smaller as the petty disputes were settled, leaving about 30 proxies of varying standing, all the important representatives stayed and a few curious and moderately important proxies lingered.
The day it was that empty we dispensed of the tradition of wearing our masks seeing the group was now so small we might as well know who we were talking to. This was when the massive surprise came out, do you remember the guy that would have killed Fade if the bastard wasn’t built to last, his female boss was also there, I stood up in outrage asking why they were there and questioning Fade’s calm and even demeanour. It was Tiberius who raised his voice to silence me, with everyone’s eyes on me I only had one choice, and that was sit down shut up and let my outrage simmer until after the meeting was over.
Fortunately enough this meeting, was when things got…. Interesting, by that I mean Fade was locked up and thrown into a cell that to be honest turned out to be just as well furnished as the other rooms just smaller.  Though we’re getting ahead of ourselves, I think first we need to talk about the meeting which led to Fade’s incarceration. It took place about half an hour in to the meeting, they were just talking about boring things, about gruesome battles, and Fade stood up and took out I sign from behind his seat, saying “Na nan a nan a, I started a wa, ar”, this in itself didn’t get that much attention, though when he took out a couple of bangers from his pocket and threw them at the back of everyone’s head. This may have aggravated the situation more than it needed to, so that when everyone turned it was terrifying to see their faces that only showed annoyance begin to turn to loathing and hate, like a lynch mob ready for murder.
Tiberius Face had turned Red like a coal straight from a fire low but still with a burning intention, with what seemed all of his self-control he calmly asked Fade;
T: Is this some kind of joke Muse?
F: Not really I just got tired of all your pointless talking I think Pete was actually starting to die from boredom and consecutive hangovers.
T: Is that a confession?
F: What the sign and bangs weren’t a big enough hint for you Tibs?
T:  If this is true then I’ll have to ask you for the sake of all Proxies of the united kingdom and Ireland, to cease all activities, disband the forces you have amassed in the north, you will then be put under investigation, with a possible chance of death. Do you have any last words before we escort you to your cell?
F: No Tibs, Wisk me away, though I’m surprised you haven’t asked me why, I’m sure everyone in this room still wants to  why? Always an interesting question.
That Guy:  Ohhh, Fade returns the serve.
T: That is enough Night Eyes.
NE: I’m sorry Sir, though to be honest I have a professional curiosity.
F: That you, don’t worry there are no hard feeling, though I’d watch for falling bricks if I was you. Are you aware Tiberius of how it is not to have a purpose, having something to chase and identify with, Manic had a dream to defeat the fears, though I believe that killing a few proxies, upsetting the power balance, destabilising a hierarchy would afford us simple humans such much needed rest.
T: How would starting a war among slender proxies going to upset the balance between the fears, it doesn’t make any sense?
F: IT’s funny you still think that they’re all slender proxies, or even human themselves, who says there aren’t any campers or shards, nests, or nameless. The majority of the proxy population gathered in an invisible war you didn’t even notice.
T: You bastard, how did you get the fears to agree to this?
F: Well they may just find it amusing for them, or sympathise with me, I don’t know though it appears battle lines have already been drawn, you could lock me up, kill me, I don’t think anything could stop the rolling stone now, except a hard crash of two great forces.
*Fade gave a smirk*
T: *Through gritted teeth* Throw him in the nearest cell, and starve him a little, see how he likes that.

And that, ladies and gents is how Fade got incarcerated at a meeting of murderers.

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